Unglaublich bunt, unglaublich fantasievoll und unglaublich cool – das sind die Taschen, Schultertaschen und Geldbörsen von Moschino. Das italienische Label Moschino bietet Ledertaschen von höchster Qualität, die für leuchtende Farben, bunte Drucke oder nie da gewesene Formen bekannt sind. Dank der einzigartigen Moschino Taschen, Rucksäcke und Shopper wird jeder vom Fashion Victim zum Fashion Rebell. [mehr]

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Moschino bags, purses and totes: rebellion of colours!

Even if you do not know the name Moschino you have seen a Moschino bag, shoulder bag or backpack for sure. Unusual models like these do not only appear in current fashion magazines but in documentations about spectacular bag fashion as well. And that is absolutely right! With a bag by Moschino even a grey mouse would have all eyes on her because this bag fashion stands for pure joie de vivre. Most of those shapes are classic: Trapeze totes, rectangular shoulder bags and practical backpacks by Moschino become real eye-catchers. Big Letters are very common but some Moschino Bags are decorated with Comic figures and colourful rhombuses. Shiny colours like pink, yellow or green create a basis for pictures and patterns. Some special models created by the Italian label are products of real masterminds: there are Bags shaped like a pudding, gigantic smileys or backpacks with a front side which is arranged like a half closed leather jacket. Moschino even adapted the red-yellow McDonald’s Logo and replaced the M by their own logo. Moschino bags, purses and shoulder bags are made of different kinds of high-quality leather that gives each Moschino bag a noble touch – despite their flashy appearance. For that Moschino bags and accessories are on the same level as other high-fashion labels, but their rebellious design brakes with all the rules.

Form follows … inspiration! Bags and backpacks by Moschino are pure creativity!

After Franco Moschino founded his own company in 1983 he was called the enfant terrible of fashion-business. Today his early creations are as cultic and original as the current models by Moschino. Their rebellious design shocked the fashion world of the 80th – as it was intended by Moschino. The Italian designer wanted to get rid of the fashion world’s doctrine and he started to break with typical shapes: dresses with colourful prints, funny quotes and bags with flashy motives where not as common among adults as they are today. After Franco Moschino deceased in 1994 the label lived on and realised the dream of individualistic fashion and accessories with a high quality standard. That is why Moschino bags are the highlight of each season! Other sub-labels like Love Moschino or Moschino Cheap & Chic combine the main label’s look with fashionable bags and totes made of imitation leather.

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