30-day Return policy

You have 30 days from the date you received your order to return it. Please note that we can only accept non-used items. We kindly ask you to make sure to not remove any attached product labels and to send back items new, in original packaging and completely. For more information, please refer to the cancellation policy in our Terms & Conditions.



1. Step: Preparing the package for the return

For a quick return processing, please fill out the return form, giving the following information:

  • Indicate the reason for your return in the right side of the form.
  • Insert a note in the central message field.
  • Select the items and indicate the quantity which you wish to return.
  • Insert all relevant items as well as the completed return form in the original packaging in which we have sent your order.

2. Step: Print the return label

For returns only within Germany, we offer you a free return shipping as follows:

  • Please enter your order number, your last name and your e-mail address or postal code in this form and then go to "order return".
  • Fill out your address information in the contact form. Note that we offer a free return label only within Germany and for the return within 30 days.
  • Via the button "generate return label” you get the complete return label which you can print and stick on the package.

  • You can of course continue to print your return label via your customer account:

    • Log into your customer account and click on My Orders on the left side.
    • Choose the order that you want to send back and then go to "order return".
    • Fill out your address information in the contact form and continue as described above.

    • Returns from abroad should be sent at your own expense to the following address:

      WARDOW GmbH
      Magdeburger Straße 5
      14641 Wustermark

      As soon as we have processed your return, we will inform you by e-mail.


      Procedure for Complaints

      If an article has a defect or is damaged, you can of course make a written complaint to the customer service team.

      For this we need:

      • The scanned invoice of your order (i.e. as a PDF),
      • A description of the defect and how it arose
      • 2-4 conclusive images that document the defect. The defect must be clearly visible.

      Please send these documents by e-mail to (customer service).

      The kind of way in which an article can be repaired or replaced depends on the significance of the defect and the time of the complaint. We reserve the right to examine the goods in individual cases and to decide on the method of repairing the defect. Please note that complaints and repairs may take some time. We will contact you immediately after clarification of the facts in order to arrange the further complaint process.

      Complaints after the expiry of the retailer's statutory warranty:

      This is a voluntary manufacturer's warranty that may go beyond the statutory dealer warranty. The processing is then handled directly by the manufacturer. For further information, please refer to the respective manufacturer's warranty declarations. The statutory warranty claims on Wardow GmbH are unaffected by the manufacturer's warranty.



      The article does not match your expectations and you wish for an exchange? Place a new order for the new item to immediately see the availability of the requested article. Your unwanted items can be sent back to us as a return.


      Have questions?

      Our service team is glad to assist you.

      Please give us a call.

      +49 (0)331 58291300

      Mon - Fri 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.,
      except statutory holidays

      Please send an email.

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