One bag, two ways of wearing! A backpack bag is a handbag that you can turn into a backpack by rearranging the handles – or the other way around. The combination of this two very different bag models is quite practical in everyday life but it needs some creative designers to develope them. Looking at the vide variety of stiles is really impressive! The refined backpack bags by Bree or Liebeskind are more than a useful companion, they are chic accessories for your city look. Fjällräven Backpack Bags on the contrary belong to the urban outdoor style and are made of robust canvas. [more]

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      Backpack Bags

      Two in one: functional Backpack bags

      In all-day life you might need different kinds of bags but not every occasion needs an extra bag. Backpack bags for example are a mix form that is already established and which offers a wide selection of styles. Generally, a backpack bag can be carried in two different ways: over your arm or on the back. The handles – some models have one, others have two – are longer than backpack handles by that it is more comfortable to wear them. To use the bag’s backpack function you have to change the handles’ position somehow. But there are some backpack bags with hidden shoulder straps that are placed in zip or Velcro pockets. The obvious advantage is that you have the straps with you even if you do not need them.

      Backpack bags made of leather or canvas for every day

      It is obviouse that well done backpack bags are a product of real creativity because it is quite hard to construct one – compared to a handbag. Anyway numerous labels provide backpacks with bag function and the diversity of styles is constantly growing. For that you can find backpack bags by Bree that you can turn from a cool city backpack into a nice hobo within a second. Both variations can be combined with a sophisticated casual style. Using high-quality materials is always impressive but the relaxed shape of a backpack bag does not harmonize with an elegant outfit. But you can use a backpack bag as an accessory for business suits or costumes without any problem. Business occasions need some flexibility and that is a perfect reason for a briefcase with backpack function. This way you do not have to carry the heavy briefcase in hand all the time. Sporty shapes are typical for outdoor labels like Fjällräven. For that you find many tote models which you can wear as a backpack as well. Backpack bags made of canvas feature a low weight and the relaxed look matches leisure time activities perfectly. If you decide for a duffle bag with backpack function you gain an extra for mobility. Of course this models are not designed for trekking trips but for one day of traveling they are perfectly comfortable. Especially crowded stations or terminals can be passed easily with a backpack bag and you can keep your luggage safe and close to your body. The opening zipper is covered with your back.

      Backpack Bags with additional features

      Despite the very practical backpack function this handbags feature some other extras. Business Backpack Bags offer numerous small pockets or dividers but large laptop compartments as well. You can rely on a functional organizing system for sure. Casual models provide a nice look and practical pockets or key holders too. They are placed in a way that you can reach them even if the backpack bag is transformed. No matter what your all-day life might bring with a backpack bag you are well equipped with a practical companion for traveling, business or a shopping tour.

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