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A classic with many facets: The cross body bag! If you have to be mobile and have your hands free you should choose a shoulder bag, messenger or cross body bag because this models have a shoulder strap that is longer than one meter. The extendable, broad shoulder strap provides comfortable wearing, even if the bag is fully loaded. Depending on the size you can store a laptop, lunch box and other important things in your cross-body bag. Despite its sporty shape you can combine a high quality leather cross body bag with an elegant outfit. Low weighted sporty materials like nylon or canvas match a relaxed leisure time look best. This kind of bag can be used by men and women too. There are some obviously feminine models like the cross body bags by Campomaggi but generally the design is quite unisex. [more]

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      Cross Body Bags

      Crossbody bags are truly all-rounders and suitable for all occasions

      A casual crossbody bag is a classic style of bag not only for the sporty type. Because of that a cross-body bag is a modern and practical alternative to handbags. Handbags also wearable as a crossbody bag have become very popular these days. The length of the strap can be expanded from 80 to 140 cm and the comfortable space inside the bag makes it an ideal companion. Even at school, university or work the crossbody bag shows its qualities. On city tours or other trips you can put your keys, purse, tissues, phone, glasses or sunglasses in it – all the little things you could need when you are going out. Enjoy the features of this bag: putting the long strap cross-body you have your hands free and it is very comfortable to wear your bag this way. The practical crossbody bag has an ideal size for many occasions and is usually equipped with additional practical features and fashionable accessories. Some models have practical exterior pockets, fittings or little shopping bags inside – everything you might need! Thus, crossbody bags combine style and functionality.

      Wide selection of high quality crossbody bags at

      Crossbody bags are one of the oldest forms of bags and they have always been practical companions for all-day life before classic handbags leather handbags became popular. Until today big and small crossbody bags are wide spread among man and women because the practical shape of many crossbody bags are unisex. The style-adopting man wears, aside from a classic business bag, a messenger bag, crossbody bag or a backpack. Because of its casual style and handy format a cross-body bag is the perfect choice for many occasions. A crossbody bag should be practical but suitable to most of your outfits as well. Made of leather, fabrics or nylon the styles of crossbodies vary from elegant, modern shapes to trendy Vintage looks. Usually the appearance of a cross-body bag is kept simple but there are some models decorated with studs or prints that fit perfectly to practical bags too. Fashion enthusiasts are well advised to look for brands such as Gabs, Bugatti, Campomaggi or Jost because this labels are known for their innovative and also individual Design. Somewhat more discreet and elegant are crossbody bags by Piquadro or Porsche Design which can easily be used as business bags too.

      For Cowboys or City-Cruiser: Cross-Body Bags offer several features

      There is no absolute design for cross-body bags but the formats resemble. The size varies between Shoulder Bags and Messenger Bags and the shoulder strap is quite broad, by that the cross body bag has a good hold. Usually they are worn for leisure time activities because the shape of a sporty cross-body bag does not belong to official occasions. Anyway cross-body bags made of leather can be used as an accessory for smart casual style because the solid high-quality leather of cross body bags by Fossil or Piquadro is always impressive. Relaxed designs are the field of trend labels like Liebeskind Berlin or the rustic looks of Spikes & Sparrow Vintage cross body bags. In contrast to that Nylon cross bodies by Mandarina Duck, George, Gina & Lucy or Bogner are low weighted and sporty. The synthetic material provides a low weight and the comfortable shapes are very popular among active people. Cross body bags combine different styles with practical aspects easily. A clever concept of pockets makes it possible to store important things easily and fast – though you can start your day light-hearted.

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