Toiletry Bags

The toiletry bag or washing bag might be one of the smallest pieces of luggage, but it is also one of the most important. Unlike the cosmetic bag it also offers room for a toothbrush, shaving equipment and a bottle of shower gel. Because sometimes wet utensils are put into the toiletry bag it is usually waterproofed or has a wet compartment. Chic toiletry bags by Leonhard Heyden or The Bridge are made of high quality leather whereas sporty models are usually made of nylon. In a toiletry bag you can safely store all the small things! [more]

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      Toiletry bags

      Elegant toiletry bags for men and women at

      As no one wants toiletry items flying around and completely scattered inside the tidily packed suitcase or travel bag, a water-repellent toiletry bag is indispensable. Further the toiletry bag is a bit larger than a normal cosmetic bag. Wash bags are very spacious. So you have all the essential cosmetic items always ready at hand and protected from splashing water, anywhere you go. There is even room for shampoo or shower gel. What you take with you depends on how long you stay away from home. Toiletry bags for women offer much space and many compartments because the immense assortment of beauty products has to be transported in an orderly and safe way. Waterproofed toiletry bags are a good choice for men because shaving utensils which are still wet can be put inside if there is no time to dry them. By the way, toiletry bags have many names. Depending on where you are, they are also called toilet bag, washing bags or cosmetic bag. No matter how you call a beauty case it is an entire suitcase for cosmetic products and very practical for business-trips, short trips and long vacations.

      Toiletry bags made from genuine leather for elegant travelling

      Toiletry bags ideally have both: A great design matching the other baggage and a plenty of features, so that everything fits and is securely stored. For this purpose, many smaller compartments and pockets provide enough storage for toothbrush, shampoo, make-up or manicure items. Mesh-pockets keep little things from getting lost. Wash bags and toiletry bags with built-in metal brackets help to keep everything in form, the large opening allows full visibility and the detailed interior secures everything and giving also stability. Thus you will be spared from unpleasant surprises whilst unpacking. You can find high-quality wash bags and toiletry bags made of genuine leather at, just look for brands such as Bric's, Bogner, Porsche Design, The Bridge and Tumi. Here you can make a choice between leather toiletry bags or charming retro design models. An antic-finish makes smooth leather shine and after a while a unique patina develops. If you prefer a more sporty and lightweight design wash bags made of nylon are an alternative offered by many renowned manufacturers like Bogner or BOSS. Nylon and polyester models provide a larger choice of colours. No matter if they are unicoloured or covered with prints synthetic toiletry cases bring diversity. The fabric can keep little amounts of water in- or outside, further nylon toiletry bags are covered with exterior pockets. For the lining of a toiletry bag or washing bag nylon is used frequently. If a shampoo is running out, a make-up flacon brakes or if toothpaste is left open the liquid stays inside the toiletry kit. Anyway nylon is easier to clean than cotton and you can make your toiletry kit as good as new. Also the style of toiletry bags varies a lot. A classic wash bag looks like a big pencil case and is opened on the top. A very practical accessory is a foldable toiletry bag. Completely unfolded they give an optimal access to the inner compartments. The classic models offer a lot of space and little things can simply put inside and do not fall out again for sure. On the other hand using a foldable wash bag you can arrange your beauty products in a very structured way but the space is limited.

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