Beauty Cases

A beauty case is as robust as a trolley because well-known manufacturers create them matching to their suitcase collections. For that a huge cosmetic case by Titan, Samsonite or Delsey is made of solid Polycarbonate. The interior design includes a large main compartment where a brush or cotton pads can be placed, several inside compartments for makeup, lotions, brushes and more. Thanks to the similarity to trolley collections beauty cases have a similar attractive design. So you can choose models with cool metallic effects, futuristic structures and pleasing shapes. [more]

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      Beauty Cases

      Beauty Cases and vanity cases made of leather in large selection at

      Make-up, powder and mascara belong to the daily beauty program for many women which is why they should always have their place in a cosmetic bag. In order to keep everything in the bathroom or at the dressing table at a glance it is very useful to keep cosmetic utensils arranged in a convenient cosmetic case. Especially those who travel often will quickly find advantages in the use of a beauty case. Transporting beauty products in a trunk directly can end up in a disaster if a flask or package broke apart. This causes a lot of trouble because clothes get soiled by make-up or cream and have to be cleaned before you can use them again. So when a trip is right ahead: with a beauty case all beauty items are safely packed and ready to go. A beauty case is as robust as a trolley because the manufacturers use high quality materials like polycarbonate or Curv for their beauty cases as well. That is why beauty cases are extremely shock-resistant and survive even hard trips without a scratch. The interior usually contains a huge main compartment where a brush or cotton pads fit in. Additionally there are numerous small compartments like elastic pockets, zip pockets or dividers which keep little pens or flasks in place. Waterproof beauty bags do not let any liquids in or out. Even if something should get broken inside only the interior of the case is soiled – usually the lining is made of a material that is easy to clean. To be absolutely sure you can choose a beauty case with liquid bag where flasks can be stored separately. The interior of a beauty case is very roomy and the volume is not reduced when the case is closed because it is a hard shell case. Thanks to that it is possible to put a small hairdryer or a brush inside.

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      Vanity cases nowadays are more than a practical companion but they are pretty treasures themselves. Big brands such as Bric's, MCM or The Bridge have recognized the desire of customers for stylish, fashionable designed beautycases. Real Travel professionals like Samsonite or Delsey offer cosmetics cases that match their luggage lines so that the beauty case has an uniform and chique look compatible to the trolley set. Especially the metallic look of beauty cases by Titan looks really great no matter if you are travelling or at home. The X2 Flash Beauty case is known from several TV series. Further Titan Beauty Cases feature a trolley strap. That is a robust strap that can be bound to the Trolley’ telescopic handle. This way you can take the beauty case with you even if there is no room for this in your trolley. In contrast the vanity cases by the Italian premium brand Bric’s look more like handbags because the hard shell has handles made of leather. Cosmetic cases made of leather are especially exclusive and are sold by renowned manufacturers like The Bridge. In general, it is a hard shell Beauty case too but it is covered with fine leather. From futuristic to elegant- the wide range of beauty cases leaves nothing to be desired! Enjoy the perfect travelling comfort for your beauty products.