Hiking Backpacks

For facing nature you need the right equipment! A compact hiking backpack provides enough space for everything you need on a day-trip: food, waterproofed clothes or other Accessories. In contrast to that a backpacking pack is designed for a walk of several days. Which model is the right one for your purpose? [more]

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      Hiking Backpacks

      Best cure for wanderlust: Hiking Backpacks for your vacation

      Usually, backpacks are used for short distances and used as a practical bags for business, leisure or school. Hiking Backpacks, however, are designed to carry your luggage for an excursion. The term hiking backpack is used frequently but in general it refers to a backpack providing enough space for one day trips. For example, a lunch box, water bottle, camera and raincape, the hiking backpack is made for containing your entire luggage. For that there are backpacking packs, they offer several compartments or pockets. Clothes, small equipment, phones and cameras can easily be stored in large touring backpacks. What kind of travel bag you choose, however, depends on the type of vacation and the climate. If you are planning a trip of several days you shouldn’t take a normal backpack, for that you need a functional backpack. The difference between trekking- and touring backpacks it that the later is not designed for transporting tents, sleeping bags or food for days. If You sleep in hostels this kind of tour is called from cabin to cabin. For hiking backpacks and backpacking packs a stable back system is important, you can decide between net back and contact back. A net back system is made of a flexible net that supports your back gently. The contact back is padded and lies on the back. To keep the backpack from moving the Travel Backpack is equipped with additional belts that lay at the hips. Even for normal trips practical additional functions such as bottle holders or compression straps make a backpacking pack an interesting alternative to Trolley, Weekender and Co.

      Which hiking backpack do you need for your next trip?

      For travel backpacks for hiking, trekking or backpacking nylon is often the only viable option. Other materials such as canvas or leather can be used for one-day-hiking backpacks, but for longer distances they are too heavy and offer to less protection against wet. With a backpack over 50 liters volume, the weight should be as low as possible. The plastic makes backpacks waterproofed or at least water resistant, which is essential in high-use backpacks. Additional exterior pockets or removable attachments are suitable for any flexible ways of economically packing. The next important point is the size. Up to 40l of volume are typical for hiking backpacks, 65 l for a backpacking pack for touring. But you do not necessarily need the largest one. If you need only summer clothes or walk for 3 days only or if some friends share the baggage with you a 45 l Backpacking pack might be enough. Usually a backpack’s size is extendable and you can add some more volume. Further there are special backpacking packs for women, they have the same size but are shapes differently – and you can choose between several colours. The equipment varies as well. For Jacob’s track or easy ways a normal backpacking pack or hiking backpack is enough. If you want to go hiking or skiing you will need an alpine touring backpack. These backpacks have special belts for helmets, hiking equipment or ski. For hiking your backpack should be as close to your body as possible. For that there are hiking backpacks with compression belts. This way everything stays in place.