Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani

Extravagance, luxury and the highest quality standards - that's what Emporio Armani stands for. The label of the world-famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani follows the typical clear line and combines traditional elegance with trendy elements. With the high-quality watches and jewellery you make a stylish statement. [more]

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      Emporio Armani

      Emporio Armani - the luxurious brand

      He is one of the most successful and influential fashion designers in the world. His elegant creations and unique cuts also made him the favourite designer of many Hollywood stars. Of course, we are talking about Giorgio Armani.

      Emporio Armani is the second brand in the Armani family and, in addition to elegant ready-made and catwalk collections, offers high-quality watches and jewellery for men and women. Emporio Armani focuses more on trends than the classic line. „Emporio Armani" and „Giorgio Armani“ are the only ready-to-wear brands that are mainly designed by Giorgio Armani himself and highlighted every year at the Milan Fashion Week.

      World-famous stars such as football star Cristiano Ronaldo, tennis player Rafael Nadal, actress Megan Fox and R&B and pop singer Rihanna are the faces of the luxurious trend brand Emporio Armani.

      Luxurious watches from Emporio Armani

      The watches of this successful line are in demand worldwide and bring you the Italian luxury directly to your wrist. The stilized eagle decorates the dial of every real Emporio Armani watch in a discreet but concise manner. The fine watches by fashion designer Giorgio Armani impress with their expressive design, delicate details and sporty elegance. The collections are available in the classic colours black, brown and silver. From chronographs to the modern Smartwatch, the watches fit seamlessly into the premium brand's product portfolio. Typical for Armani watches is the genuine leather bracelet as well as classic metal bracelets. The characteristic colour of the designer watches' bracelet differs from that of the dial.

      Jewellery by Emporio Armani

      In the world of accessories, Giorgio Armani convinces not only with watches but also with extravagant jewellery for men and women. Since the designer always follows a stylistically confident line, the elegant necklaces, bracelets and earrings can be combined with other parts of the Armani collections without difficulty.

      Giorgio Armani - a fashion designer conquers the world

      Giorgio Armani, born in 1934 in Piacenza/Italy, grew up as the son of a transport company. After graduating from high school, he initially pursued his desire to study medicine. But after just two semesters, he rejected this life plan and took a completely different path: he followed the call of the fashion industry. Armani began to work as a window dresser for an Italian department store. He worked his way up quickly from this position. After a short time as a fashion buyer, he took over the management position of a men's fashion boutique and shortly afterwards designed his first men's suits for the Hitman brand.

      In 1975 Armani finally founded the fashion company "Giorgio Armani SpA", named after him. Initially, the focus of his collections was on classic men's suits in the typical Armani understated colours. Just one year after the company was founded, Armani successfully expand to the USA. Here, the fashion designer worked as an outfitter for high-level film productions. Famous actors like Richard Gere and Sean Connery wore original Armanis for example in "American Gigolo" and in "The Untouchables".

      A businessman as talented as a designer, Giorgio Armani was not satisfied with creating men's suits. A women's collection soon followed and finally the Armani empire grew, which today includes not only clothing but also furniture, restaurants, hotels, a nightclub, perfumes, make-up and high-quality watches and jewelry.

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