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In the saddle, ready, go! Weather in wild west or on your city bike the messenger bag has always been the greatest kind of a cross-body bag. The form is usually rectangular and the solid structure is perfect for transporting documents – that’s where the term messenger comes from. But there is enough room to take a laptop or other small things with you as well. The messenger bag is a sporty accessory because of its casual shape and the large format. The shoulder strap of this cross body bags is quite broad, the material is robust and can carry some weight. Popular messenger bags like the leather models by strellson or Bugatti but also the vintage style of spikes & sparrow increase the variety of styles. Tearproofed nylon is used for bags by Bree or Bogner and gives the bag a low weight. The messenger bag is much more than a briefcase because it accompanies modern men and mobile women every day! [more]

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      Casual, elegant and high-quality leather messenger bags at

      Postmen and bicycle couriers are not the only ones who love Messenger bags but they are used among people of this profession frequently. Anyway, messenger bags are extremely versatile and can be used for many different purposes. These bags typically have a long, broad, adjustable shoulder strap made of a resistible material like nylon or leather. The durable Messenger bags have no handle therefor the adjustable strap offers the possibility to wear it over the shoulder or diagonally over the chest (crossbody bag). Messenger Bags remind in crossbody bags but they are bigger and shaped like horizontal cuboids. The smooth rectangular shape of the messenger offers plenty of storage space, adapts to the body and is ideal for carrying heavy loads such as books, magazines or documents, that is why they are very common among pupils and students. If you need a Laptop from time to time it will fit into your messenger bag too. But Laptop Messenger will do better if you need your Laptop with you all the time because they offer a specially padded compartment. Some models contain internal partitions to keep books and documents well-ordered. Additional small pockets for pens, keys, money, electronic equipment and business cards facilitate the perfect organization inside your messenger bag.

      The all-rounder in the world of bags - messenger bags for men and women at

      Messenger bags are the all-rounders among the crossbody bags. Because of their medium size and the easy way of carrying, messenger bags are suitable for many occasions in business and all-day life. There is a big choice of messenger bags available offering all kinds of advantages and features. As a casual version for leisure and for active people messenger bags by e.g. Campomaggi, Bree or Tumi made of leather, cotton or synthetics are ideal. Using plastic materials is an advantage because they make a messenger bag waterproofed or at least water-resistant. Of course leather provides some protection as well but nylon or solid polyester like the one that is used for Bree Punch messengers will survive heavy rain without any harm. Messenger bags made of dark genuine leather in a clear shape give the final dressy touch for the perfect business look. Many Messenger bags are closed with a flap - like the original bags used by postmen- but the sporty versions have a normal zip. The Design of a Business Messenger is usually kept simple because it fits better to to the formal flair of an office. Casual messengers in Vintage Look for leisure time are typical for brands like Jost or Spikes & Sparrow. They are made of leather but their slightly crumply surface gives them a relaxed look. Messenger Bags by Bree or Gabs provide a larger range of colours and you will be able to fresh up your outfit by wearing them. No matter if you like it fresh or professional Messenger bags will fit to your style. The diversity is the reason why messengers for men are very popular. Generally, the rectangular shape appears quite unisex, for that women can wear messengers as sporty accessories too. Men can use messengers to transport everything they need but the masculine appearance is not undermined. At you find a great selection of messenger bags by brands such as Piquadro, Bugatti, Strellson, The Bridge, Leonhard Heyden and Porsche Design which combine practical bags and a timeless style.

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