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With a messenger bag you are prepared for business and all-day life. Messenger is a special kind of cross-body bag. Those bags are true allrounders with a rectangular shape and enough room for Books, files, documents and even a laptop or notebook. Further a Messenger provides an organizing-system including compartments and dividers with some pockets for pens, keys, money and technical equipment. A long, padded shoulder strap that can be put cross-body, is a good way to handle a messenger bag even if it is fully loaded. Usually a messenger bag is bigger than a normal cross-body bag that is usually formed like a vertical rectangle. Messenger bags are horizontal reactangulars, usually optimized for A4 formatted documents or files. [plus]

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      A messenger is the perfect accessory for a man

      Especially for men it is hart to choose a bag. If you do not want to wear a backpack or a briefcase all the time a messenger will be ideal. That’s why a messenger for men provides so many different styles. Noble leather messengers with laptop compartment are a typical business bag if you prefer a look that is more relaxed than a briefcase. For leisure time a sporty messenger made of nylon or canvas will be ideal because they are low-weighted and can stand a lot. Messenger by Sandqvist, Bogner or Tommy Hilfiger show how diverse this practical bag can be. Women can wear Messengers as well because there are only a few models with extremely masculine lines. Their sporty design makes messengers unisex, but there are some clearly feminine or masculine messenger bags. It is a luck that this format is suitable for everyone! Using a messenger you can easily transport everything you need no matter if it is a phone, a notepad or a lunchbox.