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The perfect relaxed accessory for an urban casual look is the so called Hobo. Actually the term Hobo refers to the look of a vagrant’s pouch but this bags are much more than a ragged bundle. Generally Hobos can be carried by a long handle as a shoulder bag, the softly falling leather creates the characteristic half moon shape then. Cool, crumpled Looks are typical for Campomaggi or Liebeskind, however, the hobo can be very elegant too. Picard or Lancel are known for elegant bucket bags with saffiano Touch that match a smart casual look or can be used as a highlight for business suits. The hobo bag is so popular that there is hardly any other kind of bag which offers a wider choice of styles, materials and decoration. That’s why you will find the right hobo bag for your style for sure! [plus]

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      Hobo Bags

      Hobo bags offer plenty of storage space to be found in a large selection at

      Are you looking for a bag that not only looks good but is spacious as well? And that makes an impression when going to dinner or to the cinema and that is elegant as well as casual? Obviously, you need a hobo bag! The hobo bag is characterized by its casual design, which resembles a crescent and slightly folds together when it is put down. This special design got more and more famous and many labels offer some hobo bags in different styles by now. And there are many ways a hobo can look like! Relaxed or elegant leather hobo bags are as popular as hobo bags made of cotton. Those match the hobo look best and they provide a low weight despite their size. The material has a huge impact on the appearance and depending on the material’s solidity the hobo bag is more or less crumply. In addition, the hobo bag is a true all-rounder, so it can be carried in the hand or over the shoulder. The variety of sizes is impressive too: from the format of a normal handbag to hobos as big as totes up to nearly gigantic dimensions - a huge hobo bag offers enough space for everything a woman needs.

      Spacious leather hobo bags in casual designs

      The casual look of the hobo bag does not come by chance. The hobo bag owes its design to its name - hobo bag. The term hobo is English and means tramp, but of course the noble and fashionable bag should not be equated with the rapscallion. Rather, it is the free and unconventional look of the hobo, which served as a model for the hobo bag. Although the comparison is cumbersome, the hobo bag is still one of the most popular leisure bags, just because it looks big and very casual. With a leather hobo bag you want to wander through fields and explore new cities. Because of this image some labels prefer a realistic Vintage Look for their hobo bags. Especially hobos by Liebeskind or FredsBruder are an interesting example for a used look hobo because they feature soft leather, misty metal pieces and a bleached material outside. On the other hand the hobo design can be very elegant, a proof for that are the hobos by labels like Abro. Gently structured leather in fresh colours and decorated modestly give a serious touch to the typical design. Even premium labels like Maison Mollerus or The Bridge love hobos and show very clearly that hobo is not always an accessory for Boho. Thanks to the huge variety of designs the hobo bag fits to a cool urban look but the casual models can be used as professional office bags as well. No matter what plans you have with your bag at you will definitely find your very own hobo bag.

      From pouch up to bucket: The variety of hobo bags

      The hobo shape can be very versatile. For example the typical street style hobos have a crumply top edge. Elegant Hobos are shaped in a way that includes the characterictic half-moon form but the top edge is smooth. Presently the Bucket Bag is very trendy, it is closed with a drawcord. Bucket bags made of synthetics do really look like pouches and that underlines their relaxed look. Chic variations of leather Bucket bags feature a drawstring too but it is primary for decoration. Here the Bucket Bag Hobo is folded correctly but it can be closed with a zipper.