Valises avec 4 roues

The modern suitcase on wheels – called trolley – makes traveling very easy going. In the full sense of the word! A fine suitcase made of leather looks quite impressive but without wheels it can be too heavy. In contrast to that trolleys by Samsonite or Delsey are made of polycarbonate and even the larger models remain ultra-light. A trolley is an upright suitcase with two wheels whereas a spinner trolley has four. The later provides a 360-degree mobility, you can pull a spinner trolley on two wheels behind you or you use four wheels to move it right by your side. [plus]

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      Spinner luggage

      Full flexibility: spinner luggage

      People who travel a lot – by plane or train- have to reach their gates very quickly. A light weighted trunk is very important for that. Even if it is fully loaded a trolley on wheels can be moved easily. Modern wheeled luggage is called spinner luggage or spinner trolley. Remind that a spinner trolley has 4 wheels instead of 2. That is why you can pull your spinner trolley behind you or move it by your side – very practical if it is getting crowded. On even ground spinner luggage is very manoeuvrable and offers a 360-degree-flexibility. To make the wheels more stable some models feature a wheel-brake.

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