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The cabin luggage is the kind of luggage that you can take with you into the passenger area of the plane. In a time when large baggage costs a lot of time and money this is simply essential. Often only 20 kg of weight are allowed. The size of cabin baggage is standardized by IATA (International Air Transport Association) and refers to a maximum size of 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm. Overall, the size of 115 cm should not be exceeded. Cabin baggage includes not only trolleys, but also travel bags, weekend bags and backpacks with matching dimensions. [plus]

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      Carry-on luggage

      Carry-on luggage is hand luggage that you can easily take with you on a plane

      Carry-on luggage or cabin luggage is – as the name suggests- ideal for traveling by plane. These days it can be very expensive and time-consuming to travel with large traveling bags. Some cheaper airlines do not allow luggage with a weight that is higher than 20 kilo, others accept luggage in boarding-size only. The dimension of carry-on luggage matches the rules for hand luggage, which makes them absolutely suitable for bringing them with you on a plane. The size of carry-on luggage is standardized according to IATA (International Air Transport Association) and is accepted by most airlines for carriage on board. IATA is the governing body of international airlines. This recommends a maximum size for hand luggage of 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm. Overall, the size of 115 cm should not be exceeded by the sum of length, width and height. That is not much room and usually a boarding trolley is used for business- or short trips. The advantages of Carry-on luggage are their practical interior design and tie down straps. Tied together your belongings can be placed safely in this compact room and you will see that it is easy to get along with a boarding trolley for a view days of vacation.

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      Carry-on luggage trolleys which have two or four wheels can be pulled and maneuvered especially well. A long telescopic handle is very comfortable because it is retractable. That means you can lock it at the length that is most suitable for you and it can only be unlocked by pushing a button. The boarding luggage or cabin luggage can also be easily carried in hand when required. This makes cabin trolleys particularly popular carry-on luggage. Most carry-on baggage is made of extremely durable nylon or polycarbonate that is additionally reinforced at the corners of the bag. Noble carry-on luggage made of leather is typical for The Bridge for example. You can choose between hard-shell and soft-shell luggage. hard-shell trolleys are low-weighted and resistant against shocks. By now the weight of nylon board-trolleys quite low and they feature practical exterior pockets or can be extended. Further carry-on luggage features numerous separate compartments to keep cloths, documents or a laptop, for example, tidily stored. Sometimes they provide removable bags for smaller necessities and business accessories that guarantee perfect organization in a small space. For Business-trips there are Business Trolleys or mobile offices in boarding size that combine a complex organizing system with some room for clothes. Those models are designed for over-night Business Trips. Internationally successful brands for exclusive luggage and carry-on luggage are for example Titan, Delsey, Tumi, Samsonite, Wenger, Bric's or Victorinox. If needed you can choose a whole trolley-set with wheeled suitcases in different sizes which fit to each other perfectly. Casual designs of carry-on luggage for relaxed weekend short trips come from Campomaggi or Cowboysbag. And not only trolleys match the rules of boarding luggage! A small traveling bag or a weekender can be used as hand luggage too. Noble leather duffle bags or sporty weekend bags made of nylon match different tastes and if it comes to design cabin duffle bags are much more diverse than trolleys. If you do not need the duffle bag you can store it folded together. They do not have wheels but you can carry them over your shoulder – very practical if things are getting hasty.