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Even if you forget sometimes that your belt bag is there at all it keeps everything important very close to you. Maybe you think of the flashy nylon belt bags you had at school but you will be pleased to hear that the design turned better drastically! Synthetic models appear in a grown up but sporty way but leather belt bags by Campomaggi or Liebeskind cause much more attention. Soft vintage look leather and sparkling rivets cause that the belt bag is much more than just a practical accessory. The belt bags influence your look in a casual or elegant way: simply add it to your belt or put it around your hips and start into the new day! [plus]

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      Belt Bags

      Practical belt bags for travelling and many other occasions

      Use it as a camera bag, phone bag or simply as a key holder. Many think that the belt bag is dead, but they never go out of fashion because they are such a handy companion. Belt bags or waist packs can be used for transporting many little things in all-day life or on vacation. Generally there are two kinds belt bags which can be worn in two ways. Literally a belt bag is a bag that is tied to your belt with a loop. This design is very common among belt bags for small cameras because you want to have the gadget at hand quickly without searching around in your bag. It is an advantage that you can vary the look by changing the belts. belt bags with fixed belt are called belly bags because you can tie them around your hip and wear them infront of your belly. No matter if you wear it around your hip or tied to your belt you can store everything important in your belt bag – and your hands are free. There are many ways to use the belt bag. For example it can serve you as a bag for your digital camera and equipment or as a bag for musicians for picks and mouthpieces. A waist bag is very practical for everyone because you can store your mobil phone, cigarettes, purse or other small things in it. Because of many small pockets and compartments belt bags are used very often for trips to the city or for little hikes. You have your hands free but everything you need most is always with you. Waist bags can be used as disco-bags as well. In casual clubs a belt bags is an alternative to clutches or shoulder-bags because you can move free. You can even put a bottle of water into a big waist bag, that is why belt bags for joggers are very popular. Tied close to your body they are a sporty accessory that does not bother you while you are running or cycling.

      Premium leather belt bags at

      Noble leather belt bags with your main valuables are not only practical but also very becoming for a casual comfy look. At you will find a selection of high quality fanny bags made entirely of fine genuine leather and traditional craftsmanship. Especially noble are belt bags of polished leather, for example, by excellency brands such as Chiarugi or The Bridge. Belt bags in modern design by Liebeskind or Picard offer a young and trendy design. Especially the Liebeskind waist bags do not remind in old-fashioned models at all. Rivet decoration and the design that is a bit crumply separate this belly bags from elegant models. But a high quality belt bag made of leather improves a modern city outfit for sure and you can move your arms freely. A belt bag made of glossy leather with antic finish, e.g. by The Bridge, gives an individual note to an elegant Casual style. Sporty belt bags made of nylon offer a low weight, bright prints and a huge diversity of colours. Additional pockets are designed for some small things. Besides the practical aspects a belt bag is a very safe way to keep your things if you move in a full train or trough other crowded places. Pickpockets have no chance to lay hands on your belt bag because it is so close to your body that you can easily have an eye on it.

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