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Wristlets are an easy and elegant bag solution for men! If a briefcase is too large or the cross-body bag is too sporty a wristlet made of leather is a noble alternative. Just like evening bags this models have a short leather loop that can be put around your wrist. The design is classic and masculine because a wristlet is usually an accessory for men. With their shiny leather and the careful crafting a wristlet by brands like Braun Büffel or The Bridge belongs to a formal dress code. Here you can store your wallet and your phone much more safe than in the pocket of your jackett. [plus]

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      Women have their handbags to carry all the necessary equipment for a successful day. But what do men do when they have to carry a little bit more? Because men are usually ignored by bag fashion they have no other choice by storing everything in the purse. Otherwise they have to fill their bags in trousers, jackets or sweaters to the limit. This alternative causes ugly looking bumps in your cloth and it is not very secure because these bags cannot be closed completely. Wristlets provide a stylish solution. These handy bags with a hidden wrist-handle are sort of the evening bag for men but they fit to an afternoon trip as well. A proper interior design is very essential because it is necessary to arrange everything you need. The additional zipper pockets, drawers or pockets with Velcro fasteners should be part of your bag and you can store mobile phone, keys or purse inside your wristlet. A modern wristlets gives men enough storage space for the evening but also for leisure or vacation. Despite their practical space wristlets are small enough to be carried in the hand directly, the handle that has the form of a loop can be pulled in and is a possibility to carry the bag more safely. Because of the comfortable handling the wristlet is the perfect companion for occasions when a Messenger or briefcase is too big and a backpack does not fit.

      Wristlets made of leather are the modern accessory for the man

      Wrist bags have a slightly dusty image and a young man might prefer another kind of bag. A wristlet in it's classical form belongs to a more formal style but especially high quality wristlets will be an improvement to your elegant outfit. Backpacks or messengers are alternatives to wristlets but because of their sporty design they are not always the best accessory. Briefcases are primary made for usage in the office but they seem overdressed for leisure time activities. The wristlet provides a middle way because it is chic without being business-like and it has an ideal size. Please convince yourself how sophisticated a wristlet for man can be designed. In particular, Italian premium and luxury brands such as Giudi, Bugatti, The Bridge or Chiarugi offer a larger selection of leather wristlets. You will find alternative shapes among the Piquardo wristlets that have a more casual style and their shape differs from the usual quadrangle form. They seem more like pencil cases and do not cause attention. The outer design of wristlets includes many different features like pull-up leather with it's shiny surface that gets a very unique patina after a while and gives the wristlet a rustic charm. If you prefer a mat, grained design Wristlets by Braunbüffel or Offermann are perfect. Usually colored black, their look reminds in mini portfolios. Because of this design wristlets are very elegant and fit best to chic outfits. To make sure that wristlets fit to as many occasions and outfits as possible they are usually colored in muted colours like black and brown. Some models are styled unisex and those wristlets fit to ladies as well. But generally women should choose a clutch as wristlet because their design is much more feminine.