Étuis à cartes crédit

A small credit card holder is a useful addition to your wallet. If you have more cards than the usual wallet can keep a credit card case will help you out. Some models also provide a pocket for bills or coins. In that case the credit card case becomes a super thin wallet that easily fits into a jacket’s pocket or into the clutch when you are going out. The practical ensemble of leather wallet and credit card holder is so popular that it is offered by some manufacturers as a chic gift box. [plus]

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      Credit Card Holders

      Fine Credit Card Holders are a safe and stylish way to store your credit cards

      Credit card holders are ideal for keeping any kind of chip card. The numerous compartments protect your credit cards from scratches and water and you can arrange them in a well-structured way. For that there are many pockets where you can easily put in your credit cards – and put them out again of course. Further you can use the case for business cards as well. As all-rounders credit card holders feature clips for bills or transparent compartments for money or photos and IDs. Simple cases have a front- and a backside covered with slots – these cases fit into the pockets of your trousers, in your bag or briefcase. If you have to store more credit cards you can choose a foldable credit card holder with parts you can extract if you do not need them. If you need something noble that fits to your business equipment a credit card holder made of leather is the perfect choice.

      High quality credit card holders at wardow.com

      If you are searching for a stylisch credit card holder you should check out the products at wardow.com. We offer high quality credit card holder made of leather by brands like Porsche Design or the Italian luxury manufacturer The Bridge. Your money and your credit- or business cards can easily be presented in a fine way and everything is in its place. You do not have to search around when looking for your credit card – this way you can show your stylish sovereignty.

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