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A daypack is an easy going alternative to a handbag if you just want to have your hands free. But no worry – you don’t have to combine your smart casual style with a large school backpack. The popular accessory left the sporty area of fashion world long time ago and discovers unknown style grounds. By now many popular brands like Liebeskind, Picard or Bree provide chic City Backpacks with a small volume that never looks clumsy. The designs vary between very sporty shapes and feminine pieces. For that you can underline your personal Look with a backpack that fits best. [plus]

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      A daypack for every day!

      The times when a daypack was reserved for school or sports alone are definitely over! By now you can use a backpack for every day and for that styles and designs become more and more diverse. Daypacks have two straps and a handle, in this respect the shapes are similar. The only exception are so called bodybags, they have only one strap and can be carried on the back – very practical for cycling. Classical Backpacks for children have a square shape but this is not used for modern daypacks anymore. The most frequently used shape is upright and rectangular but relaxed City Backpacks feature a hobo like design. Some daypacks are closed by a zipper while other models have a flap. Those daypacks with flaps provide a little protection against rain. Wetness can get inside if the backpack has no waterproofed zipper. The kind of shutter has an impact on the daypacks design: A zipper is typical for elegant models, drawstrings appear relaxed and daypacks with buckles belong to a sporty department.

      Daypacks made of leather or nylon provide several advantages

      Backpacks for every day are made of leather very often because this material is popular among leisure time bags and business equipment as well. Daypacks made of leather can be casual or chic and match many different outfits. Even if you prefer a chic casual look you can have the advantages of a backpack. Labels like Picard, Bree or Liebeskind Berlin adapt the city backpack concept. Those little daypacks do not differ much from handbags but you can carry them on your bag when you are on a longer tour. Models like that were very popular in the nineties but they have a comeback. Elegant minimalistic shapes and solid leather impress a lot so that you can use the daypack for office too. Sophisticated models in vintage style or covered with a nice antic-finish are available in several sizes. Alternative materials like synthetics, polyurethane, Canvas or nylon are typical for sporty daypacks.Waterproofed or water-resistant daypacks become very reliable companions when weather is bad and it protects phones, lunch boxes or clothes inside. Sporty daypacks feature numerous compartments in- and outside where you can store small things easily to keep your hands free. Man people have technical gadgets with them and many daypacks contain notebook- or tablet compartments that protect and fix your equipment.

      Lifestyle backpacks with practical features

      Style can have many expressions and daypacks feature all of them. There are several backpacks with special functions like hiking, traveling or business but the daypack’s main feature is it’s design. Rhinestones, colourful prints and numerous colours make daypacks attractive for more than school or university. To increase the comfort a padded backside or ergonomic straps are quite common among daypacks too. Especially fully loaded large daypacks can be carried for several hours. Small city backpacks are fine with slim straps that can be extended to create a more relaxed look. No matter if you need it for a trip or shopping a daypack is a real alternative to a handbag and underlines our personal style.

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