Garment Bags

A garment bag ensures that your suits or dresses arrive at their destination wrinkle free. A garment bag is more than a garment shell - that is a film that protects clothes from dust. In contrast to that a garment bag is real luggage with space for shirts, suits and little things. Practical folding aids avoid wrinkles and you can even attach ironing to an integrated device. High-quality garment bags on wheels are made of leather or highly tear-resistant synthetic because this piece of luggage must be able to withstand a lot of weight. [more]

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      Garment Bags

      High-quality leather garment bags ensure wrinkle free clothes

      If you don't like to get wrinkles on your suits or dresses during travelling, the best for you to choose is a garment bag or travel suit bag. Normal suitcases or trolleys offer a lot of space for clothing, shoes or other things, but for delicate clothes a garment bag is what you need. A garment bag is not the same as a simple synthetic cover that protects dresses or suits from dust while they are hanging in a wardrobe. In contrast to that a garment bag is a special kind of travelling luggage. Garment bags and suit bags come in many variations offering all kinds of features. Thin garment bags made of cotton or synthetic fabrics are more suitable for short road trips because they can be placed on the bag seat or the rear shelf of a car. Others are made of robust synthetics with corner reinforcements and this garment bags are foldable. Frequent flyers should look for garment bags in boarding luggage size and made of robust nylon or genuine leather. Garment bags of this size can be used as cabin luggage and you can be sure that nothing happens to your delicate clothes during the baggage handling. Even if high-quality garment bags are very robust models you can not compare them to hard shell luggage. On the other hand a flexible outer shell has some advantages. If you do not want to pack and unpack your bag everywhere you should choose a garment bag with a place for clips. This way you can simply put your suit in your bag without taking them off their clips. Usually the full garment bag can be placed in a wardrobe too. Depending on their size garment bags can be taken on a plane as boarding luggage. Garment bags that are too huge for cabin luggage can be locked by a TSA lock to keep your things as safe as possible.

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      Folding aid and internal straps of garment and suit bags keep sensitive business clothes wrinkle-free as well as protected even during long trips. Special pads inside the interior avoid sharp kinks which are visible in your clothings later. If you need a bag for more than one suit there are several models you will find very practical. In this case a garment bag on wheels will help you to move your luggage easily even if it is fully loaded. Multifunctional models like garment bags by Tumi offer enough space for numerous suits or dresses but also removable cosmetic bags and compartments for fluids for shaving utensils and beauty products. It is unnecessary to take another trunk with you if the garment bag and it’s additional front pockets offer enough space for all your personal belongings. Another aspect you should keep in mind is the size of your garment bag. For example some garment bags on wheels are too broad if you are traveling in a train with narrow corridors. In this case thin suit bags or garment bags in trolley format by the travelling specialist Samsonite will do better. Models made of leather or nylon are more frequently but those are usually garment bags without wheels. Tightly folded and equipped with compression belts garment bags with shoulder straps or handles can be carried cross-body or in hand. Nylon garment bags provide the lowest weight but you can rely on their stability as well. Usually leather garment bags seem to be more robust but that is only true for their shock resistance. If it comes to tear- or water resistance both kinds are quite equal.

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