Castelijn & Beerens

Castelijn & Beerens

Since 1945 Castelijn & Beerens briefcases, purses and belts are a family business! The traditional company from Netherlands focuses on best leather that is tanned naturally and coloured by hand. The result is a modern understatement in luxury quality! The bags and briefcases by Castelijn & Beerens provide a lot of space for technical equipment and documents but they are a straightforward, authentic highlight for your business look as well. [more]

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      Castelijn & Beerens

      What is premium bag in dutch? Castelijn & Beerens!

      The bags, briefcases and purses by Castelijn & Beerens are the living proof that European Fashion is not a product of Paris alone. Labels from Netherlands convince with authentic charm and quality as well. Castelijn and Beerens is in business since 1945. The founders Walter Castelijn and Marinus Beerens both came from textile business and their knowledge improved the quality of belts, purses and handbags by Castelijn and Beerens. The briefcases and purses do not cause attention because of unnecessary decoration but they set the focus on high quality craftsmanship and rustic charm. Leather is chosen carefully, hand coloured and arranged in each Casteljin & Beerens briefcase or purse - authentic accessory that matches each Business Look without a problem. Modern understatement separates from high gloss looks and from clinically correct lines that are usual for briefcases. Instead the natural look of Castelijn & Beerens briefcases and handbags are a well calculated contrast to a suit or a costume. But the leather is obviously of high-quality and takes care that your professional entrance is never undermined.

      Tradition, passion and style: Castelijn & Beerens briefcases

      For the Dutch leather industry the Waalwijk region is as important as Silicon Valley for IT specialists. The briefcases by Castelijn and Beerens have their roots in this area as well. The siblings Babette and Martijn Beerens lead the family business in third generation by now and combine a lot of experience with fresh inspirations. In the sixties the magnetic purse was a very practical accessory but today the Castelijn and Beerens briefcases, bags and purses deal with a reliable storage of technical equipment. Roomy main compartments and special interior pockets for smartphones or laptops make it easy to keep order during hasty business days. The beautifully grained leather of Castelijn and Beerens bags show a wonderful structure and need no further decoration. Only the metal elements and the iconic CB logo ornament the high quality accessories and underline the craftsmanship that stands behind each bag and belt.

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