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If you only need the most important things when you are going out you will love the compact shoulder bag! This small kind of a messenger is the perfect little City-accessory for women. In contrast to larger handbags or totes your shoulder bag will never be too heavy and you have your hands free! Sporty models like the shoulder bags by Bogner are made of Nylon, for that they are extremely low weighted and practical exterior pockets provide room for small things. Leather shoulder bags by Furla actually remind in evening bags because their design with its fine details is very noble. Using a modern New Vintage Look trend labels like Liebeskind and Campomaggi give their shoulder bags a casual, relaxed touch. You can easily combine them with jeans or a party outfit. This popular accessory belongs to each renown label’s collection – and to your bag repertory! [più]

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      Shoulder Bags

      Genuine Leather shoulder bags – stylish and practical companions for everyday life

      A shoulder bag does not require much explanation, because as its name suggests, it is a bag that can be carried comfortably over the shoulder. But there is much more to a shoulder bag than that. Some shoulder bags made of leather or synthetics have an additional handle along with a detachable shoulder strap that can be stowed inside. Usually shoulder bags are smaller than handbags and fit perfectly to a shopping tour when you do not want to carry so much in your hands, otherwise you can use it as an elegant evening accessory too. Various inside compartments and pockets help to keep everything in order and most important things such as cell phones, purses or keys ready at hand. Further useful equipment like notepads or a small bottle of water can easily be placed in a shoulder bag because of its efficient size. A shoulder bag’s format can be very different. You can find large Shoulder Bags by Liebeskind Berlin but large means approximately 30 cm. The majority of models is much smaller, for example Shoulder bags by Karl Lagerfeld measure less than 20 cm. Some small models like the elegant shoulder bags by Coccinelle are a stylish and useful alternative to clutches when those evening bags are too small for your purposes. Keep in mind: Even if you thing you have to carry everything with you do not clutter you shoulder bag. A little larger alternative is a cross-body bag with practical compartments.

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      A shoulder bag is ideal for a variety of occasions because the styles vary between elegant and sporty. These bags such as by Bree or Fredsbruder, for example, feature a casual design and a wide shoulder strap, which makes them not only suitable for city strolls but also for smaller bike tours. The style is stronger influenced by material and shape than by decoration. Nylon Shoulder Bags might be sporty by they are not as massive as some messenger bags. Further synthetic models are quite low-weighted. Shoulder bags made of leather seem really noble but depending on if it is solid or vintage look leather the look varies. Leather in Saffiano style keeps a bag standing upright but soft leather gives it a crumply touch. For that a shoulder bag can be combined with casual outfits too. The dimension of its shoulder strap can make a bag decent or eye-catching. Shoulder bags by Abro which have a rather delicate shoulder strap make a beautiful but discreet accessory for your city or business looks and they are not sporty at all! Little eye-catchers are shoulder bags by the Italian brand Campomaggi that can be found in many shades of brown here at Like many other models by Campomaggi the shoulder bags are decorated with flashy prints or covered with many different studs which create a unique rocky flair. The practical strap of the shoulder bags is usually longer than the straps you know from your handbags. That is why you can wear your modern sholder bag over the shoulder or even cross body. The most stylish effect you get when you combine your shoulder bag with a sexy casual outfit. You can carry a shoulder bag with short strap under your arm or with long strap by your hip. You see with a shoulder bag made of leather or canvas you are well equipped for evening parties or relaxed shopping tours.