How pretty it sparkles in the jewelry cases and boxes by Windrose when earrings, watches and necklaces are so nicely arranged side by side! The fine Windrose jewelry and watch boxes made of smooth materials provide a safe and well organized place for your treasures. A jewelry case of Windrose therefore is not only a decorative accessory for your home, but can also be an ideal traveling companion. [più]

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      Windrose: classic jewellery boxes and watchboxes

      Finally you have enough room for your treasures! The brand Windrose stands for incredible jewelry boxes and watchboxes, extravagant jewelry cases and elegant jewellery rolls. Each of the Windrose jewellery boxes are made according to the traditions of real craftsmanship – with much love for details! That’s why every windrose jewellery case offers an elegant design in leather and synthetics - besides much room for bracelets, rings and necklaces. To call these collections simply boxes would be wrong because every jewellery case, every jewelry box and every watchbox by Windrose are a piece of art on their own. Windrose products are timeless and trendy eye-catchers! That is no wonder because the Windrose designer are permanently looking for new shapes, prints and innovations in functionality. No matter if it is jewellery or watches your treasures deserve a special place to be kept. Using a jewellery case by Windrose you can easily arrange your ornaments and protect them and you will have your favourite accessories right at hand and in perfect order. It would be a shame if you would just store your treasures in any box. The models care lassically uni-colored or decorated with floral prints. All jewelry boxes by Windrose are covered with leather or synthetic leather and inside you will find Italian Velvet lining. Thanks to different sizes and the practical interior design there definitely will be the perfect Windrose case for your earrings, necklaces, rings and watches. The jewelry boxes keep many surprises: With elegant, tiny trays, small compartments and side walls that can be opened you will be able to order your treasures in many ways. And the best is: many Windrose cases have a mirror inside and thanks to the keyholes you can lock them any time.

      Elegant jewellery cases by Windrose made of high-quality leather

      The brand Windrose was founded in 1993 and belongs to the Georg A Steinman leather factory GmbH & Co. KG. Since it started Windrose quickly became the market leader for jewelry cases, watch boxes and jewellery rolls. The secret: The Windrose Designer prefer high-quality materials, looking at them one can perceive the beauty and the elegance of the treasures inside. Only high-quality materials become part of the original Windrose watchboxes and jewellery cases and show the craftsmanship and quality. Thanks to their excellent quality, a good price-performance relationship and the durability of the products, the jewellery boxes by Windrose combine aesthetics and functionality.

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