High-quality suitcases, trolleys and duffle bags are the reason why you have only your trip in mind when you are traveling. Noble suitcases made of leather are a guarantee for flair and with low-weighted trolleys in cabin size you can enter and leave a plane as fast as possible. Traveling experts like Samsonite, Titan and Delsey offer a wide variety of materials and styles that give a personal touch to your luggage. Didn’t you forget something? You need a toiletry kit too! [più]

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      High quality luggage for all occasions and tastes

      The term luggage refers to any kind of bag that can be brought on a vacation, short break or on a business trip. Starting with trolleys through to the matching toiletry bag. About 30 years ago suitcases made of nylon, polyester and PVC material were the most bought luggage. However, some of the first hard shell luggage were on the market as well. During the next 10 years, travelling bags became a very popular luggage because they are low weighted, smooth and foldable. If you are planning a short trip a weekender will be enough – and in daily life you can use it as a gym bag. Another great invention was luggage on durable but soft gliding wheels. Combined with stable but adjustable telescopic handles they allow easy pulling and maneuvering of the bag. Some luggage, like spinner trolleys, even support 360-degree mobility. Another advantage of the wheels is that they also effectively prevent the tipping of the bag. Garment bags or wheeled garment bags are an alternative to a classic trolley because they are constructed for transporting sensitive clothes. Being on vacation some details become very important: a waterproof toiletry bag with many compartments might come handy and many women are grateful for their compact cosmetic case.

      Practical and modern luggage in a wide selection at

      With the modern luggage from you can turn up at anyplace looking absolutely presentable, thanks to the fine designs, material selections of our brands and matched luggage series. Depending on where you are headed, you can simply choose the matching luggage according to your taste and your requirements. When you are interested in shopping for new luggage, you should pay special attention to some important features: the handles of the bag should fit and slip into hand comfortably. They should also be sturdy enough to provide corresponding tensile strength with heavy loads. If you want to buy a trolley you can choose between hard-shell and soft-shell. Hard-shell luggage is more stable and low weighted but you cannot fold it together if there is to less room. Soft-shell luggage is more flexible but the weight is a bit higher. Today soft- luggage trolleys are also durable, yet many customers highly esteem hard luggage made from high-tech materials. Depending on the duration of the trip you will have a hard time choosing from different luggage sizes with heights in between 55cm and 85cm. Many manufacturers have a simple solution and offer trolley sets that can be stored one in one. Also note, that according to international standards, luggage must not exceed 56cm in height. If you cannot decide between hard- and soft shell you can choose the hybrid luggage as a middle way. Here the trolley is made of textile but on top, at the sides and below they are covered with polycarbonate. This way the suitcase remains low weighted but it shows the advantages of soft shell luggage.

      The equipment makes the difference: Modern luggage with practical features

      Luggage is more than just a place where you store your clothes, especially high quality brands pay attention to additional features. By now Trolleys and suitcases with TSA Lock are quite common. Those locks can easily be opened with a universal key by border control, otherwise they remain locked. Another way to get through security control quickly is using a traveling bag with liquid bag: If you want to take liquids like Deodorant, cream or something like that with you into the cabin you have to use 100 ml bottles that fit into a transparent bag of 1 litre volume. A liquid bag matches this demands and it protects your bag if something is running out. Wet-compartments in suitcases provide reliable protection against wet clothes or swimming suits. Integrated hangers at the inside of garment bags or trolleys make it possible to fix clothes on a clamp directly inside your luggage. That is an easy way to transport shirts or fine clothes without risking wrinkles. Further you can find trolleys with wheel brake, luggage with extendable size, trolleys with integrated shoe bags… The leading luggage brands permanently develop new possibilities to make travelling more comfortable.

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