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The perfect Getaway! The Weekend bag is the accessory for the short trip into the blue or for a weekend with friends. Clothes for about three days fit into the small travel bag, so you do not carry around useless, empty weight when you are on a weekend trip. The ultra-light kind of weekend bag is made of nylon and canvas, usually their handles and edges are covered with leather. Full leather weekend bags might be a little bit heavier than synthetic bags but looking at style and sturdiness you cannot find any disadvantages. Many weekend bags have two handles and a shoulder strap as well. Simply put your bag over the shoulder and jump into the train: the spontaneity of Weekend bags! [più]

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      Ideal for short trips: fine leather weekenders

      A weekender is a spacious, medium sized travel bag that is specially designed for short trips or weekend getaways. Weekender bags are smaller than travel or duffle bags, but larger than a handbag for every day– so they are just a good compromise. Weekenders give you enough room to pack everything you need for a short, 1-3 days lasting trip. A big Weekender is popular among business travellers or for one day trips. The robust handles are quite broad to secure a comfortable way of carrying. Usually they are made of the same material as the weekender but sometimes leather is used for those heavily stressed handles. If you use the full volume you can carry the weekender by a shoulder strap. This way you can deal with heavy bags without a problem. But not every weekender has a shoulder belt, so read the product’s description carefully. Even a woman can transport everything she need for a trip in a big Weekender. Another advantage of a weekend bag is that you can use is as boarding luggage when you go by plane. That does not apply for every duffle bag that can have very large formats. A Weekender requires economical packing and for that you cannot get beyond the permissible weight. Usually Weekend bags are made of synthetics or leather and they are equipped with further exterior compartments for mobil phones, purses or keys. That is why it is not necessary to take both – a weekender and a handbag- with you. With a functional low weighted weekender you are prepared for everything and mobil no matter if you travel per plane, car or in a crowded train.

      Quality and fashionable weekender bags by the best known brands at

      Weekender bags come often in a so-called retro look. Glossy pull-up leather and robust stitches are very common for this style which is still very popular. This is no wonder! The classic shape of a travel bag of which the weekender is the smaller version was the inspiration for the form of trolleys and trunks. Many appreciate the elegant and casual design of the weekender in contrast to the strict business look of other luggage. Weekender bags come from trendy brands such as Cowboysbag, BOSS Black, Campomaggi, Tumi or Leonhard Heyden. Most weekenders are made of genuine or imitation leather because it looks chic and is very resistible at the same time. A robust weekend bag has to cope with a lot of trouble if you do not only drive it around in your car. Traveling per bus, train or plane is a hard challenge for your luggage. High-quality high-tech plastics are robust as well but also light weighted. But a weekender made of nylon usually has a more sporty design. That is very practical for sporty people who have to transport their training utensils. Following the urban outdoor trend there are weekend bags made of canvas. The sturdy cotton is a little bit heavier than nylon but it has a smooth touch. Thanks to the thick weave the material provides some protection against moisture, for that a short rain shower does not harm your weekender. Long-lasting wetness should be avoided. You see, you can use your weekend bag for many different occasions. It is simply more convenient to throw a weekender bag into your car’s trunk as to drag a trolley behind you!

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