Pilot Cases

A Pilot Case is a variation of a mobile office that was originally created for transporting a pilot’s maps and some clothes. In contrast to a normal trolley the pilot case has a slim rectangular shape. But no worry: a suitcase of that size matches the requirements for boarding luggage. Take a close look at the interior of a pilot case because it differs a lot. There are features like integrated garment bags, laptop compartments or extractable exterior pockets but not every model provides all of them. [more]

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      Pilot Cases

      Practical, high-quality pilot cases provide plenty of storage space and are easily accessible

      A pilot case was formerly used for the storage of maps and the hand luggage of pilots - they are more or less the briefcase of airline business. Therefore, the pilot case was business bag and suitcase in one. The special requirement for a pilot case was that it should be space-saving on the one hand because it had to be placed in the cockpit but it needed to offer plenty of storage space on the other hand. Thus, large maps or folders are transported lying on the folder back in the pilot case, so they are easily accessible and removable. Although, paper maps are mainly used by pilots of small aircrafts today, the pilot case still proves to be the preferred bag. Of course pilot cases are not only practical for pilots alone. The romantic retro-chic of pilot cases by The Bridge fascinates business people and weekend travelers as well. Other models cover some features of rolling briefcases , for example Brics pilot cases contain a laptop compartment and thanks to their huge front flap a fast access is possible – very practical if you want to use it on business trips. Traditionally pilot cases look more like trunks because of their quadrangular shape. Those cases are usually made of leather but futuristic aluminium pilot cases become more and more popular. The slim shapes makes it necessary to use the available room as good as possible with hinged compartments. There are pockets for phones, pens or other things – not only in the main compartment but in the top- and front flaps of pilot cases as well. Even among pilot cases models with wheels become popular because they make transporting easier. Those pilot trolleys combine known features of pilot cases with advantages of trolleys.

      Retro chic with modern accents: the pilot case

      Real jet-setters learn to get along with little luggage very fast. Pilot-Cases are a practical and stylisch Accessory for short trips of a few days. The Retro charm of pilot cases is the distinctive feature of this luggage and makes them a special companion. A pilot cases’ rounded edges give them a comfortable shape. Pilotcases with large exterior pockets enchant fans of unusual design. Considering each practical aspect modern pilot cases are luggage with cult character for sure.

      A large selection of pilot cases for men and women at wardow.com

      Pilot cases are designed for frequent flyers and, therefore, need to be particularly robust. Moreover, pilot cases mostly feature a hard case design and are often equipped with wheels and a telescopic handle. The sophisticated version of a pilot case is made of natural tanned cowhide or nappa leather with a hard structure. Though they have exterior pockets but they keep their solidity. The pilot case often has two side pockets, detachable padded side pockets with set pockets for computer, iPad / tablet cases and A4 pockets for large and small business folders. For those who love lightness and mobility, there are pilot cases made of high-quality nylon fabric for example with leather inserts as well. Pilot cases made of synthetic material look a lot like rolling briefcases. But usually they have a front flap while rolling briefcases are opened in the middle. The pilot cases’ front can be opened, that makes it possible to get a fast access to everything you store inside your bag. The front bag of pilot trolleys usually features an organizer system that contains little compartments for pens, keys and credit cards. Little differences in form and shape make pilot cases to unusual but practical travelling bags.