Reward Program

Welcome to our Reward Program!

Reward points are our way to thank you for your loyalty and trust in us. For every Euro spend, you receive reward points which you can cash in for future purchases. You can check your reward balance in your user account at any time.

And this is how it works:

For every purchase you receive reward points credited to your user account. Every spent net Euro is rewarded with two reward points. 100 collected reward points can be cashed in together as a €1,50 shop credit, whereby the minimum cashable credit is €3 (equals 200 reward points) which must be achieved. The information of how many reward points can be collected for a certain article, you can see in the quick- and detailed description of any article.

Redemption of Reward Points 

You can collect a maximum of 3000 reward points worth € 45. Your collected points will be credited to your account three weeks after your order and can be redeemed with your next order. Please sign in before the completion of your order using your e-mail address and password. Choose ‘pay with reward points’ under payment method as you check-out. Alongside you can see your current reward point status and your shopping credit.

Expiry of Reward Points

With a change of settings in your user account, you can receive an automated e-mail, before reward points expire. Reward points expire automatically after one year or with returns.
If one or more items are returned from an order, the bonus points redeemed for this order automatically expire. Of course, exchanges and complaints are excluded from this rule.

Special case - guest orders

No bonus points will be credited when you order as a guest. We therefore ask you to register as a customer at if you are interested in participating in our bonus program..

We hope you enjoy shopping and collecting with us!


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