Way of Reimbursement

Once we have received your return, we will check it and then initiate the reimbursement. With the receipt and processing of your return, you will also receive a confirmation email. The way of refund varies depending on the initial payment method and will be effected immediately after receipt of the return.

Cash Transfer: The credit will be transferred to the bank account from which the transfer was made.

Credit Card: A credit to your credit card account. You will see the booking on your next credit card billing. Depending on the settlement date, this may not appear until the following month.

PayPal: A credit to your PayPal account. Whether the amount remains in your PayPal account for future purchases or whether it is transferred to your bank account, you can define in your PayPal account settings.

Klarna: You don't have to pay attention to anything else here. We forward the invoice amount to Klarna for billing.

Which amount is reimbursed if I have used a voucher?

You ordered one or more products and you have used a voucher? If you return a part of your order there are three possibilities:

  • If you used a %-voucher you get a discount on each item. If you order two articles and use a 10% voucher the price of each item is reduced by 10%. If you send back one article we will refund its reduced price.
  • Using a coupon of a certain value the discount is proportionate. That means: You ordered two items, each costs €100 and you used a €10 coupon. The price of each item is reduced by €5. If you send back one product you will get a refund of €95.
  • In case that your voucher had a minimum order value it will be invalid if you fall below that value by returning one of the items. That means: You ordered two articles, each for €100, and you have used a voucher with a minimum order value of €150. If you return one item the value would be too low and we would refund €90. This way you pay the original price of €100 for the item you keep.

Why has my shop credit been reduced?

To receive the full shop credit or refund, items must be returned in the original packaging, completely and undamaged. Did you for example cause deterioration of the goods you have ordered, you will have to recompense for losses that subsequently occurred.


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