Phone Cases

The phone case or mobile phone bag becomes more and more essential in the era of smartphones. In contrast to the formally compact cell phones a modern smart phone has a huge screen that can get scratches easily. A smartphone- or iPhone case cannot protect the gadget from everything but even an open case prevents serious harm when the phone is falling down. A model with front flap provides all-round protection for the screen as well. Decide for a high quality phone case made of leather right now – before you have to watch games and postings trough a net of scratches! [more]

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      Phone Cases

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      The mobile- or smartphone is one of the most important utensils of all-day life by now. To maintain the beauty of a spotless, new cell phone as long as possible, the phone should be protected by an optimal fitting phone case. The more complex our technical equipment is the easier it can get harmed by shocks or by falling down – much easier than the phones we used before. A mobile case can be shock-absorbing if it surrounds the phone completely. Sometimes mobile phone cases are equipped with shock-absorbing elements. But there are also phone cases with display protection. This can be a transparent foil or a phone case with a flap. Next to the cases that surround your phone permanently you can choose a classic phone case that can be pulled over the phone when it is not needed. The advantage of those phone bags is that it fits to different models. This way you can use your phone case for different phones. The cell phone case can be both refined and unostentatious or exceptional by shape, material, printed or by the application of decorative stones. This ensures that not only the phone but also the phone case is a treat for the eye and can be adapted to ones personal taste and style. For example models made of dark leather can be used as Business Mobil Phone Cases because the noble appearance is impressive but not overwhelming. For university or leisure time bright colours or extraordinary designs can be used as fashion statement. There is no reason to hide your cell phone case anymore!

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      Phone Cases are very diverse, because, in addition to basic versions that have only one opening for the phone, there are also cases that have special folding closure, so that it can adjust itself to any kind of phone model. A Velcro on a phone case provides double protection against falling out. Either the phone case has straps for easy removal of the phone or the phone remains protected behind a transparent material that allows the phone to operate even inside of the case. For frequently used models like the iPhones there are cases that fit exactly and keep the camera and the display free. Especially Piquadro phone cases are very colourful and diverse. Further these cases are made of synthetics and leather that makes the iPhone- or cell phone case water resistant. Attention: even cell phone cases that surround you’re your phone completely are not waterproof. Really waterproofed phone cases are quite rare and for under-water photos it is easier to put a water-resistant foil over your phone. But even if phone cases do not provide a complete protection of water or shock it makes sense to have one. Full protection would undermine the phones mobility but a normal mobile phone case can be a real life-saver for your gadget. Falling down from a table or out of your hand the phone can be protected by its case. Each mobile phone case has a lining inside that is always shock absorbing. In case of splashing water or if you knock over a pot of coffee the phone case gives you the chance to save your phone. The noble design is another reason for an elegant mobile phone case because details like this are important for the perfect business look. The variety of mobile phone cases, for example by brands such as Piquadro, MCM and Porsche Design, is endless, so that every need is met.