Property Of...

Property Of...

Do you already have a PROPERTY OF... bag? No? Then let us convince you of the clear, timeless design and the high-quality materials of our bags and backpacks. You'll soon see that you won't need another bag for your bike tour and you can also enjoy your new PROPERTY OF... bag at the office. [more]

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      PROPERTY OF ...: a new kind of briefcase

      Black, heavy leather rectangles often define the design of a briefcase. This is just functional, therefore the design and the individuality of the wearer remain less important. The PROPERTY OF ... label proves that this can be an exception. However, with a new product idea. The young bag brand creates a new, different kind of briefcase, which revives the classic style of the bag, but still remains serious with a timeless, clear design and high quality materials. The brand name adapts perfectly to this idea: PROPERTY OF ... = possession of ... It is discreet and yet highly individual, as are the products and their wearers. UBut PROPERTY OF ... offers much more than business companions. The travel bags, accessories, laptop bags and backpacks for men and women by PROPERTY OF ... all represent the brand's urban lifestyle. The design is always simple in all products, but not boring, classic, but not without the latest refinements and high quality and not unaffordable in the price. A product that will inspire its wearer from the first moment on.

      DThe PROPERTY OF... bags and backpacks stand out at first glance with their clear look. This is shown by the lack of superfluous pendants and an overloaded number of additional subjects, as well as by the color selection of natural, brown and black tones, in addition to subtle red and blue. The colors match the different materials, such as nylon, leather, waxed cotton linen, canvas and denim, which give the products robustness and lightness, but also a great deal of individuality. In addition to the look, the functionality plays a significant role. Generous space for the laptop, comfortable document compartments, storage options for small things, hidden side compartments and multifunctional straps, which sometimes function as a shoulder strap and sometimes as a backpack carrier, are only an excerpt of the large repertoire of PROPERTY OF ... products.

      Ideal are the bags, backpacks and travel bag for anyone who wants to combine function and clear design. Perfect for the university, the spontaneous walk to the gym, a bike ride after a long office day or as an addition to the casual leisure look for him and her.

      A highlight: the PROPERTY OF... Amsterdam Series

      Light, water-repellent and reflective - these are the key facts of the Amsterdam series. Inspired by the city's cyclists. PROPERTY OF... backpacks have been designed using a unique reflective material that ensures optimum visibility at night. The typical silver stripes, which are often found on the clothing of small children, are dispensed with. Rather, it is based on a new and timeless design that does not contradict the natural colours of the products and that you do not see their special feature at first glance. Especially the camouflage design is a special eye-catcher of the series.

      Global inspiration for timeless bag design

      PROPERTY OF... was founded in 2006 by Peter Teo and Richard Chamberlain. The bag label has a store in Hamburg and Amsterdam. But anyone who thinks they can find a trace of the noisy and colourful Big City in addition to the clear design concept from the Netherlands is not mistaken. After studying design in London, the two founders Peter Teo and Richard Chamberlain moved to New York, where they took inspiration home with them. In addition, influences from Singapore and England, the two founders' countries of origin, can also be felt. However, the result of all sources of influence was not shrill, but rather a timeless and practical product design that is reflected in the bags, briefcases, wallets and backpacks for men and women.

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