Forgot the time once again? With a watch from the Gant brand, this is a thing of the past. The exclusive Gant models are not only reliably, but also bask in their classic design. Based on the top current Preppy-Style from elite students of the east coast of America, one is always dressed ele-Gant. [plus]

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      The preppy look for the your wrist

      The distinctive Gant-Style is also reflected in all its ladies' and men's watches. The watch design is intended to present the campus lifestyle of the elite students of the American East Coast - the absolutely trendy Preppy Look. The watch brand Gant sets its style on classic colors and beautiful design. Whether you are looking for quartz watches, multifunctional chronographs or automatic watches, the Gant watch makes your stylish look complete. In addition to their classic beauty, the watches never miss their sportiness. You can choose between the high-quality stainless steel or hand-sewn Italian leather as a bracelet. No matter what your choice is, a Gant watch always puts a classic elegant accent on your wrist and lets it shine in every outfit.

      Gant Watches - An original American Sportswear since 1949

      The Ukrainian Bernard Gantmacher went to New York in 1949 to start his career in the clothing sector with a age of 17 years. He learned the craft of the collar cutter and also met his future wife, button sewer Rebecca Rose. After he was called overseas in the first world war, he had the plan to establish himself ,with a partner, as a shirt tailor in the New York district of Brooklyn. All of their shirts were embroidered with a "G" embellished with a rhombus - a trademark which had become the Gant logo and a sign of the uncompromising quality, which can still be found today with the Gant watches. The shirt production shot through the ceiling and the brand Gant became more and more popular. His wife and their sons Marty and Elliot, who also learned the tailoring trade, were brought in to the Gant empire. Gant quickly became a well-established sportswear brand, which, in addition to her legendary button-down shirts, expanded her repertoire as well as clothes for the entire family as well as a watch collection.

      The Preppy-Style - The timeless style of private students

      The preppy look came up in the 50s of the last century and has been an everlasting trend since. The Preppy-Style rule number one: Sportswear. Preppies maintain a sporty chic style, which they could easily incorporate in to their typical hobbies such as golf, polo or lacrosse. The Preppy-Style is also often referred to as "Nerd-Style". The origin of the Preppy-Style is found in the American upper-class families, who at that time only sent their children to the best schools of the country. The style of the children? Traditional, formal and conservative - Preppy. Even today still very trendy: a lightly-fit school uniform.