Etuis protect small things, especially, if you keep them in a bag or suitcase. Credit card holders and key cases are very popular etuis indeed because they do not only look fine but can be used for many occasions. Not to forget smart phone or iPhone cases for different models! At home a well-structured jewel case or watch box can protect your treasures from dust and erosion. A noble case made of genuine leather is an ideal gift and completes your accessory ensemble with an elegant piece. [plus]

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      Technically speaking, a case is only a container for storing various small items but it is an important little leather accessory. The French word for case is etui – cases are often called this way- and it means sheath. A case is named according to its desired content. There are cases for glasses in different sizes and designs. Who is bored by the normal foldable cases might like the noble leather spectacle cases which are produced by some manufacturers like The Bridge. Further there are cases for credit- or business cards. Some credit card cases are designed like purses, you can unfold them and the cards are protected perfectly. Other credit card cases are open. Key cases made of leather by Porsche Design or The Bridge look stylish and keep your house-keys, car-keys or keys for your garage safely tied to a ring. Using a zipper or a push-button you can close your key case safely to avoid the loss of your keys. Further the shell keeps your keys from leaving scratches if you store them in your bag together with your mobile phone. In that case you can protect your smart phone with a mobile phone etui as well. Practical mobile phone cases are designed fitting to certain phones, though read the product’s description carefully before you choose. There are also cases for your shaving and nail utensils. These manicure sets keep your scissors, nail files, clippers, tweezers tight in little loops and they cannot move. Specific practical jewel boxes for chains and rings are also called cases and they protect your jewelry. The shape of the designated content also determines the design of the cases, so that the valuable objects can be stored and transported safely.

      High quality leather cases as a gift idea for men and women

      Most cases are made of metal, plastic, leather, faux leather or fabric. In general the strong leather cases are made of are strengthened to provide the necessary protection from liquids for example. Cases are useful and attractive companions in everyday life that fit in every handbag and keep little things like glasses, keys or nail files from flying around in your bag. Sensitive equipment as credit- or business cards are protected and sharp scissors or keys do not harm your handbag’s inner lining. Many people might have purses but a high quality case made of leather is an ideal gift idea for Christmas or birthdays. Additional small leather products are part of handbag and purse collections. For that reason you can be sure that credit card holders or key cases fit to their bag collections. Wardow.com offers a wide selection of high-quality leather accessories from famous brands such as Aigner, Golden Head, MCM, Piquadro, Porsche Design, The Bridge or Windrose. Depending on the label the etui’s style can vary a lot. Credit card etuis or smartphone cases by Porsche Design adapt the label’s futuristic look and present leather with unusual structures. In contrast to that key cases and credit card cases by The Bridge are made of classic leather with antic finish. Further it is obvious if key cases or smartphone cases are designed for men or women. Choose this Accessories according to your taste to create your perfect look up to the last detail.