Tiger of Sweden

Tiger of Sweden

A different cut - from the west coast of Sweden, this traditional label is conquering the international fashion scene. Loved by world-famous stars, Tiger of Sweden stands for Scandinavian elegance with modern trend elements. The timeless briefcases, shoulder bags and clutches impress the stylish men's and women's world with their high-quality leather and flawless workmanship. These bags will make you roar. [více]


      Tiger of Sweden

      Clear design - clear concept

      Launched as a small fashion label, the luxury brand established a classically elegant style that inspires confident men and women.

      Tiger of Sweden is a symbol of Scandinavian minimalism. Clear lines and shapes ensure a perfect business look. „A different cut "- the company's philosophy describes the passion of the brand: The classic gentleman's look is raised to a modern level. Elegant and modern at the same time, the high-quality trend pieces from Tiger of Sweden can also be worn casually with jeans. The popular label enjoys great popularity with world-famous stars such as Ryan Gosling or Robert Pattinson.

      Tiger of Sweden - Timeless elegant leather bags for men and women

      With the exclusive leather bags from Tiger of Sweden you are guaranteed to be stylish.

      The high-quality leather bags with a clear line are elegant and create an impressive luxury vibe. Discreet details and the inconspicuous logo embossing on the front give these timeless masterpieces their unmistakable style. The elegant men's briefcases made of smooth leather impress with their elegance and clever room layout. In addition to the classic business bags, fans of elegant weekends in muted colours will also find their new favourite bags here.

      For the ladies, Tiger of Sweden offers not only business essentials, but also classic feminine shoulder bags and extravagant clutch models that enhance any evening wear.

      Tiger of Sweden - How the Tiger got its name

      The history of the Swedish tiger spans more than a hundred years. As early as 1903, Marcus Schwartzman and Hjalmar Nordström founded "Tiger of Sweden" as a joint tailor for men's fashion under the name "Schwarztman & Nordström" on the west coast of Sweden. Schwartzman was a visionary and turned the tailor's traditional way of working upside down - he started to go to the customers instead of sitting in the shop and letting them come in. The customers got their suits so much faster and easier with the same quality standards. Business was excellent.

      But Schwartzman wanted more than that. He quickly understood that his customers wanted to avoid the time-consuming fitting and individual adjustments. The brand turned around and now offered tailored suits in high-quality materials with a modern design. One of these early models of suits was called "Tiger". This series was so extraordinarily successful that Schwartzman quickly put up a sign with the inscription “Tigerkläder” (Tiger-Clothing) at the front oft the factory. In the books, the company was still called Schwartzman & Nordström, but the name "Tiger" was established from now on. When the brand gained international recognition, the Tiger of Sweden was born.

      Reboot: In the 1990s, the brand redefined itself completely again. The slogan "A different cut" has been reinterpreted. Since then, Tiger of Sweden has stood for the perfect combination of timeless classicism and avant-garde.

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