Bugatti has a simple, intriguing philosophy which is: Relax. You're dressed. Once the difficult choice from the wide range of bags, briefcases, laptop bags and travel bags is made​, Bugatti promises best quality and pure lifestyle feeling. Bugatti skillfully combines sporty chic with the necessary elegance, to be equally suitable for business appointments. [více]



      The European Brand: Bugatti briefcases and laptop bags with sporty design and high functionality

      The German bag label Bugatti integrates European styles and values in its products for more than 30 years. A Bugatti bag knows how to accompany its owner with casual elegance and style. Bugatti laptop bags award a very modern look with good taste and functionality while safely carry notebooks and business documents. Bugatti bags does not only radiate self-confidence and style, they are also a clear fashion statement: clean design meets special details and finest leather which awards a professional and noble look to the Bugatti bags. Besides briefcases and laptop cases, the label also offers casual shoulder bags made of grained leather with a softer cut. In terms of colours, Bugatti bags clearly focus on subtle and discreet nuances. Noble black, brown or dark blue underline the masculine touch of Bugatti products. Thanks to its timeless, classic but sophisticated design, Bugatti offers the perfect bags, briefcases and travel accessories for any situation.

      High-quality and casual-elegant bags by Bugatti

      Variety, innovation, tradition and internationality have been the basis of the bugatti brand’s success since 1978. It all began with a telephone directory for the capital of fashion, Milan. Klaus-Jürgen Möller, head of marketing at the Brinkmann company, obtained the telephone directory to look for an Italian sounding name for the company’s new fashion range, soon to discover it right near the front – bugatti. This resonant, catchy-sounding name was adopted at once. Once the brand was registered at the patent office on 26.05.1978 the first bugatti coats were produced at Herford. The bugatti quilted coats were the first to successfully break into the market in 1981. The next few years saw the brand effectively strengthen its position, first with leisurewear, then with the travel collection including pants, belts, bags and umbrellas. They are all values that define the mentality and the face of Europe. If you have made great visions come true for over 30 years as we have, if internationality is normal for you, if you find joy in working with others to help innovations along their way and have achieved a varied range of products, if you embody modernity and are a trendsetter, then you are connected to Europe through more than your values. You are Europe. Bugatti and Europe – a visionary team attuned to success. They belong together. And that is exactly what we are demonstrating with our new slogan: bugatti. The European Brand.

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