Ready to travel? The suitcases, trolleys and travel bags of Roncato will tempt you to book a vacation right away. These light and beautiful Roncato suitcases are suitable for both long vacations as well as short business trips. In addition, they provide clever features that help you to quickly stow away luggage and the briefcases by Roncato keep laptops and smartphones absolutely safe. [více]



      A suitcase or trolley by Roncato will make the balance of style and technic work.

      This Italian specialist for luggage knows best which wishes travellers have and develops the perfectly styled Roncato suitcases, trolleys or travelling bags according to real Italian elegance. Additional to working on the charming design of Roncato trolleys and roncato suitcases the label focusses on the technical development of products for travelling and all-day life which follow the costumer’s needs. Roncato is known for a functional futuristic luggage that is constantly developed. The results are impressive and very diverse. One of the best known models is the Roncato Uno Deluxe Trolley suitcase made of polycarbonate: an extremely robust shell protects your things from hits and scratches that could harm your belongings – especially when going by plane. Another feature is the elegant retro charm of the riffled surface. Especially environmental conscious people might find their companion among the Roncato Box trolleys or Roncato light suitcases which are made of 100% recyclable material. Of course there are softshell trolleys by Roncato available too and their nylon covered shell provides exterior pockets. Inside a Roncato Suitcase provides a roomy main compartment with robust belts and zip pockets where you can easily store your clothes. As spinner trolleys the Roncato collections feature easy going wheels with comfortable 360 degree mobility that makes it possible to manoeuvre even in the smallest terminal. For business travellers the Roncato rolling briefcases and leather briefcases are very interesting. A zip system and a special kind of handle have been patented by Roncato already. Good to know: the suitcases and trolleys by Roncato are produced in Italy completely. Thanks to that you can rely on a sustainable way of producing.

      Functional and noble: Suitcases and trolleys by Roncato at

      The family business Valigeria Roncato Spa around co-founder Giovanni Roncato was founded in the 70ties and started some impressive innovations in the branch: For example as one of the first companies in Suitcase Production Roncato used assembly lines. This way it became to the most important manufacturer of suitcases and duffle bags of that time. Further Ronacto started early with luggage made of nylon and polyester or with hard shell trolleys in the 90ties. Each duffle bag, suitcase or trolley by Roncato makes travelling easier. As a proof of how easygoing a suitcase can be Roncato developed the Sphere trolley that can be pushed with only one finger. Being a child Giovanni Roncato learned the production process by watching his farther who worked in a suitcase factory. Soon Roncato understood the importance of analyzing costumer’s needs and wished – even before they came up. Feeling the needs of travelers is the basic for creating the best products for all-day life. Suitcases by Roncato are characterized by their unique design and the care-free feeling. The labels trusts it’s own products a lot and for that it gives a 10 years warranty to each Roncato trolley or suitcase.

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