Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren

From the very beginning Ralph Lauren was inspired by the Polo game. Purses and bags by Polo Ralph Lauren reflect the sporty energy of their name and delight their fans with luxurious feelings for every day. Using discreet colors and refined features like fringes, pendants or cut outs the Polo Ralph Lauren bags set highlights that match a business dress and a casual afternoon outfit at the same time. [více]


      Polo Ralph Lauren

      Polo Ralph Lauren bags combine sports and elegance

      Every fashionista should know the label Ralph Lauren and its close connection to polo sports. According to that it is no wonder that bags, purses and belts by Polo Ralph Lauren show a sporty touch. Just like Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirts, blouses and chino trousers the bags and purses of that line feature an unsophisticated elegance that matches any situation of all-day life. A Polo Ralph Lauren bag shows a clean design combined with trendy shapes. This way you will find hobo bags and bucket bags, large totes or small cross body saddle bags in various collections. Most Polo Ralph Lauren bags are made of leather and show a tight structure even if it is a soft falling hobo. Looking at the canvas bags the label shows its sporty side. No matter which model you choose the quality and the craftsmanship are absolutely reliable. In office the elegant Polo Ralph Lauren handbags and totes match a formal office dress but they are casual enough the work out as an accessory for jeans and blouses. If you like it a little bit more extravagant the 70ties style cross body bags with fringes totes with filigree cut outs are your ideal companion for any urban look.

      Looking at the roots of Polo Ralph Lauren bags

      Polo Fashion was the original name of the label Ralph Lauren founded in 1967 and until today the sporty elegant Fashion Line for bags and clothes keeps this name. The Polo Fashion School is named after the original label as well and supports the design talents of tomorrow. The Polo Ralph Lauren bags are set in middle price segment and stands between the Casual Line Lauren Ralph Lauren and the high fashion label Ralph Lauren. The bags and purses by Polo Ralph Lauren combine the exclusive materials by Ralph Lauren with shapes for everyday life that is so typical for the relaxed elegance of Lauren. The result is a luxurious fashion statement that you can wear for every day without being overdressed.

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