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It is not only super healthy, environmentally friendly and good for the soul - cycling is also very liberating. Our light and practical cycling backpacks accompany you reliably and offer you in addition all sorts of features, which relieve you from carrying heavy luggage on your back and provide ideal wearing comfort. [více]


      Bicycle Backpacks

      Biycle bags are a true functional miracle

      A typical cycle backpack is a true all-rounder under the backpacks. It has a practical helmet holder, back protectors and flashing lights, which guarantee safety in the darkest of nights. Compression straps and expanders also enable a wide variety of fitting options. In addition, many models of the biycle bags still have a drinking bubble and a rain cover to keep the valuable contents of your backpack dry. The special sectioning of the cycling backpack is also a practical addition, which makes the backpack a true spacious wonder: there is a side compartment for water bottles, the compartments for documents are water resistant and the laptop compartment is padded. A small, easy-to-reach compartment can also be used for bicycle tools, for example. Even the sunglasses are well placed in an extra fleece compartment and the air pump can be accommodated in a separate compartment of the bicycle backpack. Sweaty clothing after sports is not a problem as there is a special „wet box“.

      The ideal backpack for cycling - no matter where you are going

      Whether its trips into nature or a city trip, at you will find the right bicycle bag for your personal bike tour. If you prefer to cycle to work instead of having to spend long hours in traffic jams, you will find the right daypack. Or do you plan a multi-day tour in nature? With us you get comfortable trekking backpacks, which can also ensure problem-free transport of important documents and valuables. If you prefer something casual, like a messenger bag, check out our selection and discover the large interiors and the roll-top closure, which makes the bags absolutely watertight. No matter if you have a messenger bag or outdoor backpack, the practical features of a cycling bag are indispensable. A lot of storage space, wearing comfort, freedom of movement and resilience are characteristic features of the cycling bag. The ergonomic and air-permeable back is also a great extra, which allows you to reach your destination even in the summer months without a sweaty back. An extra-breathable material, ventilation channels and nets provide enough air to reach your back. The ergonomically shaped hip and shoulder straps as well as chest straps ensure a perfect fit to your body. This way, your bicycle bag sits perfectly against your body and accompanies you reliably on your bike tour.

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