A backpack will always be the most practical companion for every day. No matter if you need a trendy City-Backpack, a roomy daypack with laptop compartment for school or university or even a trekking backpack for a long trip – the chice of models and styles is amazing! Using a backpack by Herschel, Sandqvist, Fjällräven or Piquadro you have a loyal companion that makes you perfectly mobile and flexible. [více]

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      Backpacks made of genuine leather or nylon in a wide variety at

      A Backpack is a type of bag supported by two straps in a way that it can be carried on the back. Backpacks are very popular for their practical features as they leave both hands free. Meanwhile modern Backpacks are more than practical bags for students and travelers! In contrast to handbags the weight you carry in a backpacks is distributed to your whole back, you do not load everything on one shoulder. That is the reason why backpacks are more gentle to your back even if you have much to carry. Backpacks usually have a large storage compartment, which offers enough storage space even for larger purchases and items, e. g. folders or a laptop. Many backpacks even have a separate laptop compartment or case. Due to their mostly padded straps, carrying heavy loads becomes quite easy. Backpacks usually are made of natural or synthetic fabrics or of leather. Leather backpacks are a perfect alternative to the classic business bag as they are just as robust, elegant in design and as they often provide the same quality features such as a laptop compartment. Manufacturers such as Piquadro, The Bridge, Tumi or Wenger offer a large selection here if you are looking for a business- or tracking backpack. Stylish, feminine models are a common alternative to handbags by now.

      Men and women leather backpacks for City tours, trips and work at

      Backpacks are now available in a wide variety. Especially the equipment features of backpacks vary immensely as this depends on their intended purpose: Do you want to use your backpack, for example, for mountaineering, trekking, hiking, cycling, leisure, travel, or are you looking for backpacks suitable in and around the office? Backpacks usually have a large main compartment that is closed with zippers or leather straps. Numerous pockets and dividers, key holders, cell phone pockets, pen holders or integrated laptop cases add additional value and help to keep everything in order. If you need a backpack that is waterproof or water resistant you should take a look at the Bree Punch collection. For the authentic retro chic a Campomaggi backpack is the perfect choice. The so-called City-Backpack that started it's career in the 1990s is usually a little smaller and spiced up with fashionable ornaments. The City-Backpack may well be used as a shopping bag, leisure bag or ladies handbag. A protruding highlight are the strikingly beautiful backpacks from MCM combining studs and fittings with high quality leather. Genuine leather backpacks with a casually elegant style typical for bicycle couriers come from Bree or Mandarina Duck. Real Business Backpacks are a specialty of Victorinox. Tumi is the label with the most multifunctional travelling backpacks money can buy - it is nearly a pity to use this sporty professional pieces for tracking. Outdoor fans need durable sport backpacks for their adventures instead. Functional backpacks do not only provide room for sport equipment, further they are very robust and true eye catchers thanks to their numerous colours and shapes.

      Start into the new season with a trendy backpack

      No matter if your Backpack is made of leather, nylon or if it features a cool Hippie-Look – they accompany each trend conscious women in the next season. Classic Backpack-models by Jost or Coccinelle give a certain relaxed touch to your Outfit but they still appear elegant. Fashionistas prefer urban backpack models by Herschel or timeless backpacks by Cowboysbag. In contrast to that backpacks by Liebeskind Berlin combine trendy elements with great materials and create true eye-catchers. No matter which model you choose with a backpack of you can make a fashion statement for the next season.

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