Sacs à cosmétiques

The cosmetic bag is basically the soft luggage alternative to a beauty case. It is made of leather, fake leather or fabric and is usually small enough to fit into the handbag. Anyway a beauty bag is no substitute for a toiletry bag, but it can be used to carry lipstick, powder or mascara for the daily beauty fresh up. Further there are some large cosmetic bags that have the same size as a beauty case and can be taken on a longer trip. [plus]

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      Cosmetic Bags

      Cosmetic bags made of leather in a large selection at

      Cosmetic bags are comparatively smaller, compact bags in which ladies can carry their make-up and small toiletries. The main difference to a toiletry kit is the size: Cosmetic Bags are not always designed for longer trips and they do not have to provide room for shampoo or deodorant. With a cosmetic bag all cosmetic necessaries are nicely kept and quickly come to hand to always let you be perfectly styled. Cosmetic bags usually have the right size to comfortably fit into a normal handbag. Make-up bags also perfect to create order in the bathroom at home. They mostly offer generously storage space and come with various plug-in and zipped compartments suitable for all kinds of beauty utensils – like jars, brushes or mascara- and keep them in place. A cosmetic bag is more than a travelling utensil because some models are small enough to take them with you every day. Thanks to the cosmetic bag for the handbag everything is in its place. But there are also big cosmetic bags for holydays giving space for bigger cans or flasks. In contrast to a beauty case a cosmetic bag is made of soft materials like leather or nylon that do not need so much room in a trunk or travelling bag. Large cosmetic bags are usually equipped with a trolley strap. The robust strap on the backside can be bound to a trolley’s telescopic handle and you can take the beauty bag with you even if your trolley is full.

      Magical extra space – cosmetic bags for hanging

      Especially handy are hanging cosmetic bags as they offer a lot of additional storage space at home and at the same time they are very compact as they can be folded up for travelling. Hanging make-up bags are equipped with a metal loop and carbine, so you can easily hang up the make up bag and have your toothbrush and Co. ready to hand without the need to search for them. Some cosmetic bags are designed like handbags and are equipped with handles. Other styles remind in toiletry bags and are used by men as well. Besides the room for deodorant or scissors you can put shaving utensils inside them too. Cosmetic bags for women are realized in a very feminine design and there are also handbags with cosmetic bags available. Both bags fit together and the cosmetic etui can be tied to the handbag with a carbine. Cosmetic bags are available in many designs, materials and qualities. Whether casual and highly robust quality plastics, whether designed in a colorful pattern or in classy genuine leather – there is something for everyone. Professional travel brands often offer cosmetics bags that fully match their luggage lines. Cosmetic bags by Bric’s are created in a very fine designs while Cosmetic etuis by Tumi are kept small and water resistant. Resistant materials are very practical for Cosmetic bags because liquids can get either in nor out. Even if a make-up flacon or something else brakes apart the Malheur is kept inside. Anyway it is annoying but a cosmetic bag with washable lining can be cleaned easily. Other practical features are locks or address slides to offer more security on vacation. Especially flexible are cosmetic bags by Furla. According to the matroschka principle there are three bags of different sizes packed into each other. This way you have a Cosmetic bag fitting to any bag’s size. Depending on your preferences and travelling habits you can choose the one that fits best to you among a huge variety of models.

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