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Now a classic bag model gets a make-over! The satchel reminds in the former shape of a retro school bag. The term satchel is used for different kinds of bags but principally it has a very special look. A single handle is placed on top of the bag or on the flap and the shape is quite rectangular. That was the typical design of school- or teacher’s bags but fresh colours and trendy decoration make satchels very popular for every fashionista. High quality leather and a solid structure make Coccinelle satchels a perfect companion for formal occasions like work. But satchels by Liebeskind harmonize with a relaxed urban style outfit without a problem. Take a look at the impressive variety of this modern classic bag! [plus]

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Satchel Bags

There are many varieties of fashionable Satchel Bags

The Satchel Bag belongs to the woman like a fish into the water. Therefore, hardly anyone can say not to have at least one Satchel Bag without feeling guilty. Whereat, it is not uncommon to have more than one Satchel Bag. Because there are just too many beautiful bags in different sizes, colors and shapes. What all Satchel Bags have in common, despite the huge diversity, are their handles. The number of handles separates the satchel from classic handbags. Characteristically a Satchel Bag has only one handle, some models have an additional strap which can be attached to the Satchel Bag depending on your preferences. Very often the handle of a Satchel Bag is quite short, but there are some models with long handles which can be put over your shoulder. One of the most famous satchel bags is the so called Kelly Bag by Hermès which was the trademark of Grace Kelly. This leather satchel’s shape has been adapted by many labels and is still a symbol of style and elegance. Each season the classic satchel bag appears in new designs and is very popular among women of any age. No matter if they are kept in classic black or if they are styled as coloured satchel - there is no way to avoid this bag model. Further a satchel separates from other bags because of its unique shape. Hence the modern Satchel Bag is in the middle between handbags, Hobos or shoulder bags, latter has only a shoulder strap to be carried on.

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A Satchel Bag is much more than just some cloth that can be carried by hand or over the shoulder thanks to the handle. The Satchel Bag is the most important accessory of a woman since it is feminine and serves as a wonderful complement or upgrade for any outfit. On whatever a woman decides, especially because of its different sizes and designs the Satchel Bag accommodates itself to the needs of the wearer. Therefore, you will find Satchel Bags ranging from classic black or girlish cream to rebel studs. Many Satchel Bags are closed by a flap with the handle on top of it. Some modern models have their handles attached on the sides, but they keep their form and do not fold themselves together in the middle - a clear contrast to modern Hobos. Satchel Bags made of leather offer different styles from elegant to rocky. That is why you cannot wear them to one fashion style only. For a day in the office a classic satchel bag by Abro or Coccinelle fits very well. The short handle is placed on the top and the models remind in feminine briefcases. For leisure time George, Gina & Lucy or Campomaggi offer a huge variety of extravagant models with sophisticated details. Here the handle is usually attached to rings at the back side and not to the flap on top. That is very practical if you don’t want to put your bag down while you search for something inside. The satchel can be used in many ways. Choose your model depending on your taste and you will be perfectly styled for a long time.

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