Try to hack this! An Organizer is an elegant and safe way to keep information like Addresses and phone numbers. Even if we rely on our smartphone more and more a back-up in paper is coming handy if the mobile phone drops out. Further a calendar or organizer made of leather proofs a lot of style! The classic business accessory fits into every bag and is right at hand if you have to note a number or a thought that comes to your mind. [plus]

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      High-quality Organizers and Calendars – every date, due date and detail planned in style

      A classic accessory that is still frequently in use: Calendars are a great help to organize your business and personal appointments. In your personal organizer you can look up your appointments, contacts and important notes at any time and have everything at a glance. In the age of Outlook, cell phones and tablet PCs an organizer might seem a little bit oldschool but it is still a useful additional tool - and sometimes a great and safe alternative to smartphone or iPad. Empty batteries, updates gone wrong or the complete breakdown because of network failures … just some examples you can avoid by using an organizer. Additional to the calendar organizers contain notepads and address books. Here you can note something without starting the PC and you can be sure that your private contact data remain private. Even if your phone is broken, the Sim Card failed and every kind of technic works against you – you can rely on your organizer. As small organization talents organizers help you to schedule your important deadlines and they are a secure paper-back-up for your contact data. Losing your phone usually means losing all telephone numbers of your friends you will be very glad to have an organizer with telephone- and adressbook in that situation.

      Organizer made of leather contain many important features

      From the outside organizer books impress with their compact and professional look. Most organizers have additional features in their cases. Compartments for credit- or business cards are practical because you need those cards at hand very often. The pen holders usually contain a chic pen already when you buy the calendar. You can store useful things in the additional compartments and zipper pockets. The most important feature of an organizer is the calendar. This contains a multi-year overview, foldable planner and a holiday overview and much space for your notes. Transparent pockets for photos are very popular and give your organizer a personal touch. Some organizers are constructed for notebooks others have a ring binder for the convenient exchange of the calendar - or parts of it if you do not need them. The ring binders of organizers are universal and you can buy a new set in every stationary store.

      Buy elegant Leather Organizers online at

      The fine genuine leather organizers from are a strong prove that scheduling can be fun. Such exclusiveness as with leather diaries and organizers of esteemed classic Italian brands such as The Bridge and Chiarugi is rarely seen. Of cause this is no request to abandon electronic organizers but using an organizer in a noble leather shell instead of an iPad has it's own charm. A high-quality accessory fitting to your briefcase in colour and style can give your business equipment the finishing touches. offers a class selection of fine leather diaries and organizers that will make a beautiful gift idea for a colleague or a very nice treat for yourself, as of course, you deserve no less. You do not have to leave everything to a technical thing everybody has. With a brand new organizer you can start the new year with complete peace of mind and fresh ideas, because your own personal reminder is always there and no idea will get lost.

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