Diesel On

Diesel On

Modern, functional, stylish: Diesel On! The Italian fashionlabel stands for unique designs with rocky, casual contents. Diesel is no longer just known for its jeans, bags, jewelery and watches are also part of the coveted repertoire - as well as smart technology. With its "Wearable Tech", the company demonstrated the design and function go together. In 2016 Diesel On presented its sm­art and hybrid watches. [plus]

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Diesel On

Casual designs and technology: Diesel On

Modern, Function, Style: Diesel! The Italian fashion label stands for modern designs with rocky, casual content. Originally known for its jeans trousers, the label expands its assortment with a large fashion range and creative bags, jewelery and watches. In the age of technical affinity, however, beauty is not enough, it depends also on the functions. In 2016 Diesel therefore took the step towards technology and presented its "wearable tech" in Germany, including smart and hybrid watches as well as track trackers.

Analogue with wow effect: Hybrid-Smartwatch

The hybrid smartwatch combines the analogue clock display with smart functions such as alarm function, step counter or message function. The functions are controlled by an app and the smartphone and can be read by pressing a button or the numeric display. In addition, the usual time display is in the foreground.

Diesel On's hybrid watch features classic analog dials in rugged stainless steel cases with discreetly hidden smart features. It remains true to its rocky, casual design with a robust look, which is already known from fashion. Large numbers, high-quality leather or stainless steel bracelets emphasize the masculine look that is underlined by a black, silver or yellow gold case. The high weight and the size of the Diesel On watches should appeal to men and give us the high-quality impression of the Wearables.

A step towards the future: Smartwatch

The smartwatch from Diesel On has the classic design from the Diesel company like the hybrid Smartwatch. It can be used comfortably with Android and iOS and the batterie lasts 1-2 days depending on usage. Unlike the Hybrid-Smartwatch, the Smartwatch has a purely digital display, which means a fully animated screen, where all functions are visible, such as sleep, calendar notification and answer or reject calls. It's that easy today!

A watch with many functions

Any watch can displays the time, but the Diesel On Wearables can do more. But before the functions of the smart Diesel On watches can be used, the installation is on. The focus on function and design is also evident here. Instead of long-term testing and complicated installation, simply download the free Diesel On-App from the App Store or the Play Store. Quickly create the account and press the crown or touch screen on the watch for a moment, now your Diesel On watch is ready. The Diesel On watch can be used by Bluetooth and ideally works with Android smartphone with the version 4.4 or iOS devices from iOS 8.2.

The sporty design of the Diesel Smartwatches is perfect for sport. After 5 ATM certification, the Diesel On Time Hybrid Smartwatch is waterproof up to 50 meters, so it can be worn while swimming or washing your hands. Of course, you can also use the Diesel On to count your steps and measure distances. Simply open the app for the hybrid model or the corresponding menu on the Smartwatch, and the data can already be retrieved in a clear and convenient way. And when it becomes quiet, the sleep function can do their service for you. Of course, the Diesel On also ensures that you wake up in time, simply use the alarm function.

No desire for sport? Of course, you can also use it in other areas. The music of the smartphone can be controlled by the Diesel On Watch, for example. This allows you to easily pause, start, or navigate to the next / previous song.

Just as easily as the music, the photo function can be controlled by Diesel On.

Mobile phone relocated? No problem. With the mobile search function your phone alerts and you have it back quickly.

Are you expecting a call, but are in an important meeting? Use the vibration and display settings to let you know who is calling without having to look at the mobile phone. With the touch screen model of the Diesel On, you can comfortably answer your call or write a message with WhatsApp.

Or are you already on holiday and want to know what time it is at home? You can set two time zones for the hybrid Smartwatch. For example, your current time at the vacation location, which automatically updates itself without the usual hassle of the pointers, and your home location.

A big plus of the hybrids Diesel On watches is their running time. The continuous charging is omitted thanks to the button cell, which can last up to half a year. The highlight is that the user does not need a cable for recharging and there is no need to constantly look at the battery status because you can easily replace the cell yourself. With the tools included in the package, the watch can be opened and the cell can be removed.