The heart of this family business is style! Trussardi bags, belts and purses are high quality accessories made in Italy. The classic bags and shoulder bags by Trussardi impress with clean lines, pretty colours and fine metal elements that set highlights precisely. Seize the flair of one of the most popular fashion brands from Italy: Trussardi! [více]



      With the bags and purses by Trussardi elegance and lifestyle are guaranteed

      With first-class leather goods such as coats, purses and bags Trussardi brings Italian joie de vivre to the entire fashion world. The Trussardi bags, shoulder bags and backpacks are a perfect example for elegance and excellent quality that matches more than only one taste. Usually, the Trussardi bags, shoulder bags and purses are made of high quality leather but the assortment consists sporty faux leather bags and backpacks with colorful prints too. Designed feminine but not girly-like the Trussardi handbags impress by their visible quality. The stable silhouettes and the clean seams of the shining bags and totes underline the impression of high-quality. That makes Trussardi bags and totes the perfect accessory for chic outfits. Generally, the shoulder bags, satchels and clutches by Trussardi do not show elaborate decoration. Here the eye-catchers are centrally placed logo plates, multicolor parts and carefully crafted structures. Who is looking for a little bit more glam will find his perfect accessory among the Trussardi models with animal prints, fur or prints. To suit a large variety of outfits Trussardi bags are kept in muted colors, only the animal print models stand out with color highlights. As the sign inside announces each bag of the original Trussardi collection is Made in Italy. Besides the exclusive product quality, you can rely on the highest craftsmanship as well. The skill and knowledge about the art of leatherworking becomes obvious immediately when looking at the Troussardi bags, backpacks and purses.

      Style competence as family business: Fashion and bags by Trussardi

      Nearly no other label deserves the term lifestyle company as much as this one. Trussardi offers bags, fashion, perfumes and furniture, but the Italian traditional brand also has an incomparable flair. In the year 1911 in Bergamo, Italy, Dante Trussardi started a business that is one of the most popular bag and leathergoods labels today. Originally specialized in glove production the label was converted into a fashion brand by Dante's grandson Nicola Trussardi. Today the company is run by Beatrice, Tommaso and Gaia Trussardi. In addition to the Trussardi handbags, belts and small leather goods, the label also provides several fashion lines and perfumes. Even when it comes to interior design you can rely on Trussardi. The label is not focussed on the production alone but is also an interactive presence. Trussardi owns a true Flagship Building in Milan with showrooms for Trussardi fashion and accessories but the building also contains a restaurant, shops and cafes where events take place. The company shows presence not only by the Trussardi fashion bags which are sold all over the world. Depending on which style you prefer you can choose of the brand’s three lines. The core brand Trussardi provides elegant bags, hobos and purses that match a chic casual or office outfit. Tru Trussardi combines the elegant image of the core brand with young impulses but the casual department is covered by the totes, clutches and handbags by Trussardi Jeans. With these three lines Trussardi bags, belts and wallets match different styles and for that the label’s fans are as varied as the products themselves.

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