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Thanks to their precision and quality swiss watches are a characteristic of their country – no wonder why! “Swiss made” is the seal of approval that decorates products of renowned brands like Wenger or Aigner and it stands for real craftsmanship. Even if they do not belong to the swiss confederation the labels count on swiss clockworks. Reliable accessories like this have a timeless design and you can use your swiss watch for a lifetime. [více]

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Swiss Watches

How to recognize real swiss watches

Maybe they did not invent it but if you look at an original swiss watch you think of quality immediately. Renowned brands like Wenger, Victorinox or Swatch are famous worldwide and a swiss watch is always a welcome, personal gift. If you want to know if a watch is a real swiss watch you have to look for the “swiss made” seal which is embossed on the dial or the case. This quality sign exists since 1971 to support the swiss clock tradition. Like many other goods some watches for men and women are made in asia as well. That is not necessarily a sign of low quality because swiss work-pieces are used sometimes. Further some swiss gear systems are not patented anymore and for that it is absolutely legal to reproduce them. If you buy a watch that has the swiss made seal on it you can be sure that at least 60% of production costs have been made in Switzerland. The core of a swiss watch is the clockwork because it is the result of real precision and craftsmanship. It makes absolutely sense to decide for a watch with swiss gear. A manufacturer who uses them will not combine it with pieces of low quality. Even renown labels like Karl Lagerfeld or Skagen use swiss clockworks for watches despite they do not come from Switzerland.

A matter of style: swiss watches for him and her

The case of a swiss watch is part of its attractiveness and the outer appearance mirrors the quality inside. Generally swiss watches use pieces of high quality, usually stainless steel, precious metals or a combination of both. Sporty models can have a synthetic case as well. Many watches with swiss made seal have a quarts gear, an electronic gear that provides a maximum of accuracy. The electronic models do not have to be winded up or readjusted – just if the battery is low. A swiss watch can be a chronograph as well that has some additional functions like a stopwatch. Additional to classic watches with hands you can choose swiss smartwatches too. If you prefer something really original you will love automatic watches that can do completely without a batterie because they are run by a perpetual self-winding mechanism. Here the precision of swiss watch makers pays out best because automatic watches are pieces of masterly craftsmanship. The looks of swiss watches vary a lot to attract fans of modern unusual designs too. For the perfect business look a cklassic design will do best because it matches every outfit for sure. You can keep your swiss watch for years or even for a lifetime.

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