Sluneční brýle

Sluneční brýle

Stylish, functional and with a certain amount of sex appeal: When the warm days finally begin, nothing works without sunglasses. They protect the eyes from harmful UV-radiation. The sunglasses in our shop not only protect your eyes, they also look outrageously good and casual. In this way it becomes an absolute must-have accesoire for everyone. [více]



      Sunglasses - the must have accessoire

      Sunglasses are stylish, functional and retouched tired eyes in no time at all: the sunglasses are an absolute must-have accessory for almost every occasion. Sunglasses are more than just a fashionable privacy screen. High-quality designer sunglasses for men and women effectively protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation.

      Sunglasses - an overview

      Stylish designer sunglasses are part of the standard repertoire for men and women and should not be missing from your collection. Fashionable sunglasses are particularly popular in spring and summer and have become a favourite accessory. To ensure that individuality does not fall by the wayside, numerous renowned designers such as BOSS or Tommy Hilfiger continually enrapture us with a huge selection of high-quality brand sunglasses. The designer models for men and women vary in form, colour and material. But there are also differences in the properties of sunglasses. We have summarized the most important information for you:

      • Ordinary sunglasses: They are probably not missing in any household: the classic sunglasses with brown or black lenses and a medium shade of about 50-80 percent. This "simple" tinting of the lenses offers good UV and glare protection. An appealing colour gradient or unusual glass colours bring optical variation.
      • Mirrored sunglasses: They are the trend of summer and provide the special glamour factor - sunglasses with mirrored lenses. A special, reflective finish on the outside of the lenses ensures the trendy mirror effect. High-quality brand sunglasses offer reflections in a wide variety of colours, the most popular being silver and gold. Another advantage: mirrored sunglasses reflect bright sunlight particularly well and are perfectly suited for standing.
      • Polarizing sunglasses: Polarizing sunglasses not only effectively filter UV radiation, but also absorb unpleasant light reflections and reflections from surfaces such as water, metal or a wet road surface. This effect makes the view much clearer and richer in contrast. Drivers, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts therefore prefer to buy polarizing sunglasses.
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