La Martina

La Martina

La Martina is an icon of polo sports. The bags by La Martina show the same kind of charm: they are dynamic, competitive and demanding. The elegant, high-quality handbags and purses made by the Argentinean premium brand are manufactured in precise handwork - just like the valuable saddles and equestrian equipment which La Martina is famous for. [více]


      La Martina

      New at La Martina: Bags additional to exclusive saddles and polo shirts

      The Argentinian label La Martina is really exotic. In the 1980th La Martina became successful by producing saddles, polo shirts and later bags and Jeans. They became one of the few south-american manufacturers that is known worldwide. When La Martina expanded the assortment to sport- and casual wear many more people noticed their products. Especially polo-shirts, and the high-quality, sporty La Martina bags and purses for Men and Women became very popular. For a long time the premium label is the outfitter of different renowned polo-teams like the Argentinian national-team or the university teams of Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge. There is always something elitist about the famous horse sport and this touch is clearly visible in the classic and noble style of La Martina bags, accessories and purses. Bag making is closely related to making saddles – as you will see looking at the La Martina leather accessories. The bags, shoulder bags and purses shine softly and their clear shapes are underlined by the precise stitches which are visible at the seam. Further the stability and a decorative golden pendant formed like a stirrup remind in the riding sport that is La Martina’s greatest inspiration. A leather bag by La Martina is a symbol of precision in the first place because the solid leather structure and the lockstitch seam underline the perfect symmetry. Thanks to its precise details a La Martina bag never looks boring at all. Further it is nearly impossible to get enough of this wonderful look. Larger bags and totes by La Martina are available in solid cotton or synthetic leather as well. La Martina prefers natural materials that remind in a country life-style but they fit into the city too. A natural elegance like this is very authentic and does not only attract polo-fans.

      The handbags and purses by the Argentinian premium label La Martina combines sporty life-style with luxurious streetwear

      The label La Martina is very close to polo sport. As an outfitter the family business headquartered in Buenos Aires works together with many sportsmen to find out how to develop their equipment. Today the best polo players of the world come from Argentina – all of them are dressed by La Martina. All La Martina bags and polo-shirts are recognizable because of their logo: two polo players crossing their rackets. The handbags and purses are primary made of leather and La Martina shows how deep the label is connected within the tradition of leather business. Lando Simonetti, founder of La Martina, describes the philosophy of his company: the products deserve the same passion, dedication and great commitment the polo players feel for their sport.

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