Jacques Lemans

Jacques Lemans

For classics, for glamour girls and ready for every adventure:the Jacques Lemans watches will delight you with technical brilliance and a fascinating choice of styles. It is no wonder that the Austrian family business got testimonials like actor Kevin Costner or pianist Khatia Buniatishvili. The diversity of its fans reflects the variety of Jacques Lemans’ watches, chronographs and automatic watches. [více]

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Jacques Lemans

Time made in Austria: watches by Jacques Lemans

If you thought only the swiss people knew something about time measuring, you do not know the Jacques Lemans watches from Austria. Nearly no other watch brand provides a variety of styles comparable to the Jacques Lemans watches, chronographs and automatic watches. The ladies’ watches vary between the active efficiency of the Sport collection and the feminine look of la Passion. Like this Jacques Lemans provides the perfect accessory for every adventure but also glamorous pieces which highlight your wrist. Maybe the shining steel or sparkling Swarovski crystals will distract you from something that is as trivial as the time but you can be sure that the high quality quartz gear is absolutely accurate. The Jacques Lemans men’s watches score with stylistically diverse designs that match every outfit anyway. The High Tech Keramik collection convinces with clean, even geometric shapes, in contrast to that the classic watches combine modern cases made of stainless steel with anti-allergic leather. A certain retro charm is essential for this masculine style despite the watches and chronographs in particular represent the highest technical standard. Features like separate displays for week days, the little second or the practical Tachymeter will not only delight sportive people!

How is your movement? Quartz and automatic watches by Jacques Lemans

Most watches are equipped with a quartz movement because it is the most precise one in the world. The quartz movements for Jacques Lemans watches are made in Japan or Switzerland. You will recognize the later by the usual swiss made sign in the dial’s lower part. If you prefer a watch without a battery you can decide for a Jacques Lemans automatic watch. Creating this movement needs special precision and it has the advantage that you do not have to wind it up because it happens automatically if you move your hand. All the watches and automatic watches by Jacques Lemans can be taken apart completely and in case of a damage it is easy to repair them.

Jacques Lemans watches delight the stars and the wold of sports

Did you ever take a closer look at Kevin Costner’s wrist? For several years the Oscar Winner is one of Jacques Lemans’ testimonials and a great fan of the Austrian label that looks back on a long tradition. Since the Riedl family founded the company in 1975 the label gained international success and is sold in 120 countries worldwide. Further the brand is an active sponsor and partner of several sport events or athletes. Being originally Austrian the Jacques Lemans watches are represented by the Olympic ski athlete Anna Veith who is a proof for a great combination of sports and femininity. Among other things the label sponsors the ski fliing world championship and the Austrian soccer national team. Real soccer fans will be delighted by Jacques Lemans UEFA Champions League Edition because their sporty looks and the well known UEFA Logo create championship feeling for everyone.

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