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Water is your element? A Diver’s watch is the perfect time measuring instrument for athletes, professional- or hobby-divers because it can stand up to 20 bar of water pressure. The robust and sporty design of a diver’s watch will survive any adventure and helpful features like luminescent hands, tachymeter and flashlights will guide you down to the ground of the sea. [více]


      Diving Watches

      If you reach the ground … your diving watch is still with you!

      Most modern watches are prepared against wet but a diver’s watch has to deal with much more difficulties. This special watches for men and women are made for hobby- and professional divers in particular and they are crafted solidly enough to remain unharmed even if they have to face extreme conditions.

      Waterproof diver’s watches are made for different purposes

      The most important feature of a diver’s watch is that it has to be waterproof, that seems obvious but there are many differences here. A normal watch can stand water pressure up to 5 bar, that is pretty enough protection against water drops, sweat or for swimming. If you want to swim deep into the sea a diver’s watch of 10 bar water resistance is the minimum. Waterproof up to 20 bar or more a diver’s watch is ready for any adventure. You have to keep in mind that the bare water is not the only thing your watch has to struggle with, moving your arms while swimming or even hits increase the pressure. Attention: the water resistance can get lost after a while because water pressure and salt water can wear out your diver’s watch. A watchmaker or a jeweller has to check the watch frequently.

      A profi-diver’s watch provides many features

      For being able to use your diver’s watch under water at all it needs huge, luminescent hands and digests or an integrated light – after all it is quite dark if you are up to 200m under water. For that reason, diver’s watches always have glowing hands. In earlier times divers used their watches for checking their diving time and to check when to turn up. According to that there is lunette on each watch that helps hobby- and professional divers to see how long they were diving right at one glance – completely without a computer. A diving watch like that has a rotatable lunettethat is divided in 5 minute’s parts which are easy to see even if sight is bad. The lunette can be rotated in only one direction, this way you cannot turn it back unintended. Further diving watches have a screwed-down crown that is waterproof and it is harder to stick to something. If you rely on certificates you should look for diver’s watches that match the ISO 6425 norm because it refers to the highest standards. Not every brand’s products are tested by ISO but it does not mean that the watch cannot be used for diving.

      Diving watches for men and women

      Usually the design of a diver’s watch is kept masculine because a large display and a robust case are a must-have. Diver’s watches with a steel bracelet seem noble and can be combined with a chic outfit as well. Take care for an expandable bracelet because you might have a diving suit on when wearing it. If you have a diving watch with rubber bracelet you can vary it as you want. Diver’s watches for women are rare because the models are usually unisex. Sometimes there are more slim models with coloured Displays that appear a bit more feminine.

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