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Quartz watches are the most accurate watches in the world! The electronic gear uses a quartz as a clock, it never needs to be raised or adjusted because it is powered by a battery. Because of its reliability the quartz watch is part of every clockmaker’s repertoire since the 1970th and thanks to its variability of styles there will be one that suits you for sure. [více]

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      Quarz Watches

      Quartz watches made of stainless steel and gold: the most accurate watch in the world

      The instruments of timekeeping became more and more precise over time but the quartz watch brought the right time to everyone’s wrist. The first quartz watches were developed in the 1920th and 1930th but around the year of 1970 the technic was ready to start the series production of quartz watches. The gear of a quartz watch works electronically, that means it gets the Energy from a Battery. The quartz inside vibrates because of the electricity running through it and it beats the time. In contrast to a mechanical watch a quartz watch needs neither a wind up nor adjustment, it runs accurately until the battery is empty. You should not wait for so long, change the battery frequently to minimize the risk of a leak. Most of the quartz watches are waterproof up to a 5 bar water pressure at least – this protection remains if your watch is checked trough regularly. If the care is right, you can use your watch for many years.

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      The quartz gear is an extremely small gear and it has no impact on the look of a watch. Quartz watches can have a filigree, sporty or noble design to cover as many styles as possible. Ladie’s watches provide a slim shape and a fine wristlet. Pleasing metallic shades, decoration of the bracelet or rhinestone decoration can make a watch a real piece of jewellery that gives you the exact time as well. Some ladies’ watches show a remarkable design with a broad case and a stainless steel wristlet. This look is quite popular for watches and it is no unsuitable contrast to a feminine outfit. Just like that men’s watches show their decent side from time to time. So called chronographs are known for their modern design. Those variations of quartz watches with their stop buttons remind in sporty equipment. But the mat steel-optic and the remarkable, broad case belong to the world of a professional Business Outfit by now.

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