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Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley focusses on their customer’s needs completely. That is the reason why duffle bags, backpacks and trolleys by Briggs & Riley are very functional luggage made of polycarbonate or nylon. Besides the products’ numerous features Briggs & Riley provides a lifelong warranty for all of their trolleys, duffle bags and backpacks. That guarantee covers damage caused by an airline as well. [více]


      Briggs & Riley

      Traveling without any problems with Briggs & Riley suitcases, trolleys and duffle bags

      Today traveling is no luxury for the elite anymore. That is why duffle bags, trolleys and spinners by Briggs and Riley are the brand’s core issue. For long term trips as well as for short trips or for business occasions Briggs & Riley provides the right luggage. Different materials like polycarbonate or nylon are used for that because each provides different attributes. Briggs & Riley hard-shell luggage made of polycarbonate is extremely low weighted and several models show a cool metallic-finish. Shock resistance and a futuristic look match mobile offices best. Fitting to this collections Briggs & Riley provides practical soft-shell luggage like duffle bags or toiletry kits. The specialty of ballistic nylon trolleys by Briggs & Riley is the number of compartments. Numerous exterior pockets are placed in the front, but some of them even in the back. That allows a fast check-in to planes because everything that has to be extracted from the trolley is easy at hand. The costumer’s comfort is most important for the American label, for that they take care about the real life needs which make traveling easier. For flat packing the telescopic handle has been placed on the on the outside of the bag. Many Briggs & Riley trolleys and spinners can be extended up to 33%. That works without a zipper and the volume can be reduced again after the bag has been packed and closed. Even the duffle bags by Briggs & Riley can be fixed with a compression belt to make sure that your things reach their destination without any damage. If you are searching for functional business bags you will find it among the Briggs & Riley briefcases, laptop bags and laptop backpacks. The sporty-professional Look of the black coloured business line is absolutely impressive. And the equipment you can not store in the numerous compartment is not invented yet!

      Briggs & Riley bags and trolleys last for a life time – guaranteed!

      While traveling many things can happen but modern high-tech materials can deal with nearly everything. There is a life-long warranty for Briggs & Riley products – that is not self-evident, not even for luggage. If the luggage is used normally nothing can happen but if you go by plane frequently you know that some things can go terribly wrong behind the scenes. For that the warranty for Briggs & Riley trolleys counts always, even if the damage is the airlines’ fault. This extraordinary claim for Quality is part of Briggs & Riley’s philosophy since the label has been founded in 1993. Since 2006 the label operates worldwide and belongs to the U.S.Luggage LLC group by now. The wide portfolio of Briggs & Riley includes not only luggage but toiletry kits, backpacks and business bags as well. Behind that stands the credo Engineered for Reality what means that the label listens to costumers needs. Innovations reflect real needs and they are not only created to present a new feature that no one needs. Practical features like the exterior handle, the extendable size the scan-resistant passport compartment are part of each model.

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