Do something good for your feet! High quality clogs, sandals and shoes do not only look impressive – it is very comfortable to wear them! Natural leather adapts the form of your feet and fine decoration with rivets turn every shoe into an eye catcher. Depending on your taste you can choose comfortable sandals with low heel or rustic clogs with a broad heel. Especially thanks to the pretty clogs and sandals by Campomaggi the next summer cannot come early enough. [more]

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      Shoes, Sandals and Clogs are a reliable investment – if you ask a woman!

      Besides handbags and fashion chice shoes are every women’s vice. But high quality shoes are a good long-time investment indeed. No matter if you are looking for an all-rounder for every day or if you need a pair of shoes for each occasion – the range is nearly unlimited. Traditionally leather shoes are the best choice because this natural material has been used for shoe making for ages. The reasons are clear: Leather shoes are long-lasting because they are very robust and they remain comfortable even if you wear them without stockings. Summer shoes like sandals or clogs made of leather scour less than synthetic shoes. Renown manufacturers like Campomaggi provide shoes with a wooden sole and leather trimmings to create a perfect vintage look. Further leather offers some protection against wet but it is not completely water resistant. For that leather shoes have to be impregnated like all the other products made of this material. Shoes for men are usually closed but sandals and flipflops for men are very popular in summer.

      Leather shoes for men and women match any occasion

      The choice of the right pair of shoes can do you good. You have to keep style and practical aspects in mind after all. For official events or strict dresscodes in the office closed shoes are most proper. Men wear elegant brogues or slippers, women have more options. Classic pumps, elegant boots or slim ladies’ lace shoes made of leather or artificial leather cannot be wrong. More relaxed dresscodes allow ladies’ sandals or backless slippers as well. Chic high heels will always be the hit of any party but even elegant shoes with 12 cm heel do not belong to the office. Elegant ladies’ shoes for the evening are a bit more pointed in the front and have a slim heel matching dresses perfectly. You have a large choice of summer shoes for women because that includes chucks and flip flops with rivets as well. Clogs are open heeled shoes with a broad leather strap over the foot. A solid wooden sole with a broad heel make the typical clog-sound. Sandals and strappy sandals made of leather scour less than synthetic shoes. Leather straps give you hold even in heeled sandals. In winter you should choose laced shoes, boots or bootees with a profiled sole to have a better grip when walking on snow.

      It may shine, sparkle and impress – shoes in flashy designs

      Shoes might be below eye level but they can be real eye-catchers. High-quality leather shoes for ladies and gentlemen impress by their pretty texture, soft grain or finish. Polish or Antic finish let your shoes shine to cause attention in a sophisticated way. If you are looking for the wow-factor you won’t be disappointed. Clogs by Campomaggi for example impress with sparking rivets that set a highlight. Animal Prints or sequins are very popular too but usually they are used as details. Party shoes can be more flashy: glittering stones and bright colours guarantee glamour even if you prefer a little black dress.