Samsonite Red

Samsonite Red

Modern flair for business - Samsonite Red brings comfort, functionality and urban design together in a young look for every occasion. The lightweight laptop backpack becomes your jogging companion in no time at all and the bag with well thought-out storage space becomes a mobile office. Redesign your day with Samsonite Red. [more]

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      Samsonite Red

      Between design and function - Samsonite Red

      Looking for backpacks, bags and accessories that support you in the office but are still fresh and unconventional? Rely on over 100 years of experience and have a modern must-have for many occasions. The fresh alternative to the dusty business companion is Samsonite Red wich comes from the baggage and business giant Samsonite. Since 2011, the young brand has experienced a lively upturn in the Asian region and has already become a trend label there. Samsonite Red has continued its success story in Germany since 2016. What makes the Samsonite Red bags, backpacks and accessories so special is their combination of function and modern design. Straightforward shapes, discreet colours and details give the products an urban lifestyle feeling. Many products also impress with a cuddly, particularly dense fabric, a low weight and lots of storage space that can be used perfectly thanks to practical compartments - a real all-rounder for every day. The slogan of Samsonite Red - My red world. My Passion. My world - highlights this special claim once again. Behind this lies the requirement to create products that meet the needs of all those who have new ideas, go their own way, live out their passion and gain experience, whether during an exciting city rally or a day in the office.

      Focus Business - the Samsonite Red Men's Line

      The business area is clearly in the foreground for men, i. e. functionality and longevity have priority. High-quality and durable material protects Samonite Red's bags and backpacks from rain and the daily trouble in trams and other vehicles. Further refinements can be seen inside. Structured compartments and a high packing volume with storage space. However, despite the high level of functionality, men need not forego the special touch of design. Striking zippers, a mix of nylon and imitation leather and extensive logos give the men's products from Samsonite Red a modern and youthful touch. The highlight: Some of the bags contain two products. For example, the top part of the backpack in the Turris collection can be removed and worn as a shoulder bag.

      Urban and practical - the ladies' model at Samonite Red

      The women's products of the Samsonite Red collections are perfect for urban lifestyle. Lightweight material combined with storage space, straightforward silhouettes and modern colour combinations. The classic nuances such as black and grey are still present with no reason to hide behind the fresh colours. When all the stylistic elements and practical refinements come together, fantastic products such as the Evergreen backpack are created. At Samsonite Red, the feminine-inspired backpacks become an indispensable companion for the weekend and are equally sophisticated in design and highly functional in the office.

      For every occasion and every type

      The bags, backpacks and accessories of the Samsonite Red Unisex collection play with comfort, organisation and design. Quilted seams, artificial leather, reflective logos and minimalist details can be discovered in the selection of the new Samsonite Red Highlights. The main focus here is also on function: lid compartments, padded laptop compartments, front and side pockets make the handling easier.

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